N1ED in cloud

N1ED in Cloud: editor as a service

Unbelievably quick start with the cloud version of N1ED. Optimized for popular CMS, it allows installing N1ED as a module and instantly start using it, without any integration or configuration hassle.

Integration with popular CMSs



Drupal 8

Drupal 7

Visual configuration of N1ED

Visual configuration

Users of N1ED Cloud gets a possibility to configure the editor via the personal Dashboard. All configuration options will be available as a simple form.

Includes all add-ons

All add-ons on this website are already included to N1ED Cloud. Hence, this is the ultimate solution for those who needs a powerful editor with all its advantages.

N1ED includes all add-ons
Sharing configurations

Share configurations

Create individual configurations for the editor on each of your websites or share them between websites. Such a solution is extremely helpful for web studios that build the editor into clients' websites.