Cloud billing

General terms

The N1ED service is subscription based. This means that by subscribing to it, you pay annually for the services it provides with your payment card charged automatically. The prices may vary depending on the set of purchased services.

Price calculation

The price is computed depending on the amount of domains connected to N1ED. Depending on whether you use the Standard or Pro plan, the price is different. A monthly bill for each domain is calculated individually and summed up. You can view the details of this calculation in the Dashboard.

How and when the funds are charged

N1ED maintains your inner deposit. This information is available in the Dashboard, on the Billing page. As soon as your deposit depletes, we make an attempt to charge from your card the sum corresponding to your tariff plus VAT (if applicable). If the payment is successful, we add the sum to your deposit.

If the payment fails (i.e. not enough funds on the card), we contact you by e-mail to resolve this issue. The services remain active even though the deposit is empty. Your account will display negative deposit amounts in this case. If the debt exceeds the maximum limit, the account will be put on hold until the entire sum of the debt is deposited.

The recurring payment sum is the total cost of all services ordered at the moment of charge (per billing period).

Note that the funds are charged with the same periodicity if the set of services remains the same. If you add new services within the billing period, this will speed up depletion of your deposit and will make the following payment date closer. The opposite is also true: if your monthly bill decreases, the upcoming payment date will be delayed until your entire deposit is out of funds. Further, N1ED will continue charging periodically until some more changes in the services happens (domains or tariff plans for each one of them).

Problems and questions

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions to our billing support.

We will be glad to answer your questions to make billing and paying for N1ED services simple and predictable.