Cloud N1ED for Drupal 8 installation

N1ED - a powerful WYSIWYG editor for your Drupal 8 website.
This is more than yet another CKEditor build enhanced with plugins. It is also a control panel for effortless configuration.

Bootstrap 4 support can be enabled or disabled with one click making N1ED a full-featured Bootstrap structure editor. The editor features its own image uploader that does not require any additional configuring.

All of your existing content is compatible with N1ED (any HTML content is supported).

N1ED supports Drupal's content types system for the most simple and straightforward integration (default configuration is ok for majority of users).

Download N1ED module for Drupal 8



Install new module screenshot
1. Open the Extend tab. Click Install new module.
Upload module screenshot
2. Upload the archive with the module.
Enable  newly  added  modules screenshot
3. After the installing finishes, click Enable newly added modules.
User interface settings screenshot
4. Check the N1ED option (the User Interface category) and click Save configuration.
Configuration screenshot
5. After a successful install, open the Configuration tab -> N1ED Settings.
N1ED settings screenshot
6. Type in the API key form Dashboard. Click Save.
Text  formats  and  editors screenshot
7. Open the Configuration tab -> Text formats and editors.
Finish install screenshot
8. Assign the editor to the existing format or create a new one. Click Save Configuration. Now you are ready to use N1ED.
To assign the editor to the existing format or create a new one, you need:
  • In the text format settings select N1ED as the editor.
  • Uncheck Limit allowed HTML tags and correct faulty HTML and Display any HTML as plain text.