Use the Button add-on to insert a call-to-action link or provide a way to download the file. Basically, this add-on allows you to apply different styles to buttons including Bootstrap 4 styles if enabled in Dashboard. The plugin supports all styles of Bootstrap buttons, as well as allows fine-tuning of classes, styles and attributes of the tag.

The Button add-on closely integrates with File & Images add-ons, which allows invoking the uploading dialog directly from the button editor. This way you can upload a zip, a document or any other file and instantly get a link to it.

You can insert new buttons or transform existing links to buttons. To do this, select the link and open the Button add-on dialog. Stylizing can be turned off at any moment returning the link to its default view.

The Open in option controls the target attribute. By default, when a user clicks the link, the document is opened in the current window, but you can change this behavior by selecting one of available parameters.

Button dialog screenshotButton dialog with Bootstrap's custom styles