Table Tools

A table is a good way to present structured information. To effectively use tables in web they should combine both good HTML structure and appealing style sheets (CSS). The Table Tools plugin built-in to N1ED is just the right tool for that. If you use Bootstrap 4, N1ED Table Tools will use styles of the Bootstrap theme of your website.

Begin with creating a table using the Add table dropdown menu. Choose the number of rows and columns. Configure the settings of the table to set how it should look. The With header option creates the <thead></thead> element containing headers of the table columns. The 100% width option lets the table fill the entire width of the container; Striped makes it easier to read table data by using rows of alternating colors; Bordered adds a border around the table to visually combine sketchy information.

All actions over elements of the table are put into a popup. When you place the cursor in any place of the <table> element, you see all tools to add, delete, move, merge or split rows, columns and cells.

Good layout of a table makes reading information in it much easier. To make the table look lightweight, easy-to-read and stylish, use Configure style of table, where you can create your own classes and apply styles and attributes to them. The same dialogs are available for columns, rows and cells. For advanced settings, use the Tag options dialog.

Table Tools. Insert new tableTable Tools. Insert new table
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