N1ED for Drupal 7 installation

N1ED is a WYSIWYG content editor for your Drupal 7 website.
You can install it to your Drupal 7, configure it using its control panel and easily create responsive content (Bootstrap 4 support is enabled).

N1ED comes with its own image uploader and image editor that does not need any specific configuring after install. A number of tools are also available - the YouTube widget, table tools, etc. You can start using N1ED with any existing or new content on your website.

N1ED supports Drupal 7 text formats system and immediately attaches itself to the default editing format of the site administrator. This means you can start using N1ED directly after install. Later, you can combine N1ED and other editors in use by adjusting standard Drupal 7 parameters.

Download and install N1ED

Download Drupal 7 module now



  1. Download module for Drupal 7 from your control panel on
  2. Switch to the Modules tab and click Install new module.
  3. Upload N1ED module in the opened form.
  4. Check the N1ED in the User Interface category and click Save configuration.
  5. Switch to the Configuration -> N1ED tab.
  6. Type in the API key from Dashboard. Choose a text format the N1ED will be associated with.

Screenshots step-by-step

Install new module screenshot Upload N1ED module screenshot User interface settings screenshot Configuration settings screenshot N1ED settings screenshot

N1ED now is installed on your website.

If you want to associate N1ED with a new text format, you should:

  1. Open the Configuration tab -> Text formats -> Add new text format
  2. Uncheck Display any HTML as plain text
  3. Click Save Configuration.