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Free Drupal 8 module for improving your CKEditor

Add different widgets into your pages, define custom templates, check your content on mobile devices and much more.

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8.x-2.23 released 21 May, 2020
  tar.gz (111.8 Kb)  |  zip (146.4 Kb)
Installation wizard and configuration editor

Install using Wizard

Our wizard will help you to go thorougth easy steps and install N1ED on your CMS

Installation Wizard
Manual icon

Manual installation

The entire procedure described in the manual is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Read docs

Add new widgets on your pages and define your own

Images and galleries, YouTube videos, advanced tables and other widgets are available for free for N1ED users. You can also add your custom templates to the palette.

Live demo
Add new widgets on your pages
Visual configuring N1ED and widgets

Configure N1ED and CKEditor visually

N1ED links to your Text Formats and allows you to configure it. You can enable it for website administrator and disable for comments form.

Widgets editing was never so easy

Fully control your content by using a number of widget tag editors.

Serach and edit YouTube video
Upload and insert images

Upload and insert images

You will continue work with your Drupal 8 files storage, no special configuration is required.

Easy installation

Install the module and that's all. You are ready to use N1ED wherever you use CKEditor in your Drupal. All CKEditor add-ons will be received via CDN automatically and enrolled into auto update system.

Download now
8.x-2.23 released 21 May, 2020
  tar.gz (111.8 Kb)  |  zip (146.4 Kb)

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