TinyMCE-based editor for your custom CMS

Advanced block builder that can be installed as a standalone editor or
as a plugin for TinyMCE and CKEditor 4.

Bootstrap Editor File Manager Image Editor Widgets Block templates
Version 2023.09
N1ED in 30 sec
N1ED block builder

Key features

Bootstrap grid editor

Bootstrap Editor

100% control on your grid. Manage rows with various types of columns to achieve magazine-like pages on your website. This feature is available to any newbie without programming skills.

Deeply integrated with custom user blocks and the blocks gallery.

Block by block

Create your content using N1ED page builder. Use ready to use gallery of blocks, create blocks with custom structure.

Easily create your own custom blocks right from content and update existing ones. Screenshots will be created automatically.

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Bootstrap block builder
File manager and Image Editor screenshot

Work with media

File Manager and Image Editor are essential. So they included into N1ED and seamlessly integrated with it.

You can host your files on your own server or anywhere you wish. Amazon S3 and Azure Blob are supported.

Local disk
Amazon S3
Azure Blob
TextareaAI logo

Write texts with GPT

New feature in v2023.06

Generate text 10x faster with AI cowriter.

Ctrl+Enter everywhere or use new toolbar buttons.

Main features:

  • Write text for the header
  • write text starting from the heade
  • Continue text
  • Insert text inside a paragraph
  • Continue lists

It will take into account the caret position, current text selection, and the text below and above.

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Many new widgets

Speed up content creation with functional tools

  • Image logo Image
  • Preview logo Image Preview
  • Gallery logo Image Gallery
  • Font Awesome logo Font Awesome icon
  • YouTube logo YouTube video
  • Table logo Table
  • Link logo Link
  • Anchor logo Anchor
  • Button logo Button
  • Tabs logo Tabs
  • Accordion logo Accordion
  • Alert logo Alert
  • Badge logo Badge
  • Iframe logo Page embed
  • Carousel logo Carousel
Visual configuring editor

Visual configuration

Configure N1ED right from N1ED! You can call Visual configuration from N1ED editor or from your Dashboard - your personal space on our cloud.

Programmatical setting parameters is also available for the pros.

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Make your website content engaging

Your content with N1ED
Bootstrap logo
Bootstrap v5, 4, 3
Grid editor & Widgets
Flmngr icon
File manager
Upload, manage, organize
ImgPen icon
Image editor
Crop, resize, transform, etc.
Widgets icon
Widget gallery for all cases

We, on our own, fill information on clients' sites at the request of clients. N1ED helped us to boost productivity of the content manager who did this work.

Our customers were happy too to see how quickly we do this, we were impressed how many clients can. We also see our own financial benefits in this.

Mike L.

Digital agency owner,
20 websites

We were in doubt about how to upgrade TinyMCE saving familiar workflow. N1ED helped to transform simple WYSIWYG editor into awesome block-by-block content builder. We also gave fine image editor to our users they asked about all time. This affected both acquisition and retention metrics - kept our competitiveness on the market and improved it.

Paul M.

SaaS website builder CTO,
470 websites

I make websites on Drupal and offer N1ED to my clients in case they want to edit complicated content with ease. If anybody tells me about column layout or special widgets on the page - I give them the link on N1ED.

This year 80% of my clients followed my advice and got Premium plan of N1ED.

Max S.

12 websites

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