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WYSIWYG editor with support of CKEditor/TinyMCE plugins

You continue using your editor, but with everything powered up. No problems and zero support costs.

If you already use TinyMCE or CKEditor in your CMS you just install add-on and that's all.
Now you have editor like other modern CMSs have. This was the main your difference from popular page builders. N1ED gives you full spectre of content editing features for 2020.

WYSIWYG editor as a core

TinyMCE logo TinyMCE 5
CKEditor logo CKEditor 4
N1ED installs as add-on.
Compatible with other add-ons.

Widgets for your content

Image widget Image Preview widget Image Gallery widget YouTube widget Font Awesome widget IFrame widget Link widget
Table widget Alert Message widget Button widget Tabs widget Accordion widget Badge widget Header widget
Add your custom templates
to this widget list.

Bootstrap layout manager

Supports existing contents.
Can be turned off.

File Manager and Image Editor

Image upload
Will work with
your current storage.
Developer tools

Web studio kit

You can not be a new Wix in 2020 without good editor you provide to your users.

We have solution for small and big web studios and cloud website builders. Your CKEditor or TinyMCE will be improved with N1ED ecosystem add-ons you will give to your users to edit beautiful content, including editing Bootstrap grid. Very easy and smooth migration, support of your file storage, visual configuration components for your CMS control panel and bulk discounted prices.

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Bootstrap Editor

N1ED will be your Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4 editor with feature to use templates and build custom grid with different Bootstrap widgets.

Bootstrap Grid video
Ecosystem illustration

One Ecosystem

Products in the N1ED ecosystem can work not only with classic CKEditor 4, TinyMCE 5, TinyMCE 4, but also enhance functionality of each other by means of pre-designed integration points

N1ED Ecosystem

Different integrations available

Drupal 8 module

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Primary editor for Drupal 8

Contemporary editor

Your CKEditor gets support for widgets, mobile-screen preview, and dozens of other features

Using anywhere CKEditor in Drupal 8

For use anywhere

From editing articles to composing product cards in Drupal Commerce - anywhere where CKEditor is

Configuration in Drupal 8

Visual configuration

Control panel is integrated to text formats of your Drupal 8

Drupal 7 module

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Contemporary editor

Install the CKEditor add-on and enjoy the new level of content editing

Smooth integration

The same CKEditor revamped with new features yet preserving your customary workflow

Visual configuration

Edit your N1ED settings in a visual dashboard

Joomla extension

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Contemporary editor

Fill the gap with correct CKEditor implementation + tons of new features

Instant startup

Pre-configured to both effortlessly edit content and work with files on the server

Visual configuration

Edit your N1ED settings in a visual dashboard

Wordpress plugin

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Page builder for 2019

Contemporary page editor that supports Bootstrap, file manager, image editor, etc.

Instant startup

Zero-configuration plugin allows instantly start page editing

Visual configuration

Edit your N1ED settings in a visual dashboard

Custom CMS

Live demo
Primary editor for any CMS

Powerful editor

Featured editor to edit any content. Widgets, resposible pages preview, full screen view: a short list of what N1ED gives to you

Integrate everywhere

Integrate everywhere

N1ED is CMS agnostic and can be run on any CMS, framework or inside your own custom web application

Configuration editor

Dev tools

Custom configuration editor for control panel of CMS and other dev tools like React integrations

CKEditor add-on

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New features for CKEditor

New features

Adds everything you missed in CKEditor: from widgets to mobile screen preview emulation

Integrate everywhere

Custom integrations

Install to any CMS, framework or application, where CKEditor 4 is present

Configuration editor

Backward compatibility

Works with existing configurations and builds

TinyMCE add-on

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Page builder can be better

Page builder can be better

Your WYSIWYG editor receives support for widgets, mobile screen preview, and hundreds of new tools

Integrate everywhere

TinyMCE 4 and TinyMCE 5

Works equally well with both versions of TinyMCE. Wherever you decide installing them to

Configuration editor

Backward compatibility

A brand new project or a hard-boiled one, N1ED makes everything in the editor better, breaking nothing


Explore questions asked by N1ED users.

Switching to Bootstrap Editor mode when going to full screen Solved

I use N1ED together with Bootstrap Editor. I want to go into content editing mode immediately when I switch into full screen mode. But when I press "Edit" button and go into full screen, Bootstrap Editor shows me a structure to build. How to change this behaviour?

Xavier F. photo
Xavier F. asked 12 days ago
Editor configuration for different roles in Drupal 8 Solved

How to set different configurations for different user roles in Drupal 8?

I need to setup very simple editor for anonymous users (without N1ED or Bootstrap Editor at all) and full featured WYSIWYG editor for administrators.

Nicholas O. photo
Nicholas O. asked 7 days ago
How to remove gaps between Bootstrap columns? Solved

I need to have no padding between two 6/12 columns. How to set them to use full width of the row?

Robert M. photo
Robert M. asked 11 days ago
Setting icon for custom template Solved

I defined my own template and want to set beautiful icon. What is requirement for my image to look like icons of basic widgets?

Aaron I. photo
Aaron I. asked 12 days ago
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