Install N1ED plugin for CKEditor

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When you already have CKEditor installed, you can easily install N1ED add-on for CKEditor.

In short: download and unpack, then enable it in config.js.

Note: the latest free version of CKEditor is 4.22

Starting from CKEditor 4.23, it is available under commercial terms, and will no longer be available for free.

N1ED works with any version, but CKEditor 4.23 requires a license key for loading.

Download CKEditor 4.22.1 (latest)   -  Free, stable, safe. The N1ED plugin and sample are included.

1. Download the plugin

In order to install this add-on for CKEditor, download it from your Dashboard:

… unpack it into plugins/ and skins/ directories:


2. Enable the plugin

There are two ways to pass parameters into CKEditor (use one of them):

Edit config.js`
Edit initialization script
CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function(config) {
    config.extraPlugins = "N1ED-editor"; = "n1theme"; // own CKEditor theme, included into ZIP
    config.removePlugins = "iframe,magicline"; // N1ED has better support of this
CKEDITOR.replace("editorId", {
    extraPlugins: "N1ED-editor",
    skin: "n1theme", // own CKEditor theme, included into ZIP
    removePlugins: "iframe,magicline" // N1ED has better support of this

Add extraPlugins option if you do not have one. If this option already exists in your config you pass to CKEditor, just append N1ED-editor to existing configuration like plugins: "somePlugin,N1ED-editor"

3. Install the backend

Now you need to install the file manager server-side script somewhere on your server to enable file manager functionalities in your editor. Follow the instructions behind the link on how to do it.

What's next

That's it. Now you are ready to use N1ED.

Optionally you can get your own API key from N1ED to reconfigure N1ED visually and use some feature which require personal account (i. e. creating custom Bootstrap blocks). Configuration will be applied to your installation any time you save it, and your installation will automatically apply it on next load.