Managing Bootstrap custom blocks

When you edit your content you can select some block (actually container in Bootstrap terms) and define a block template from it. This block can be used for constructing content on any pages on your website.

N1ED will create a screenshot automatically.

Save Bootstrap block screenshot
Save Bootstrap block in your custom blocks library
Create Bootstrap block screenshot
Automatically creating a preview of your block
Hint: use "Placeholder" widgets inside your blocks to have the power to change widgets after a block was inserted.
Choose placeholder screenshot
1 Step
Choose placeholder for YouTube screenshot
2 Step
Insert placeholder screenshot
3 Step
Bootstrap block with placeholder for YouTube screenshot
4 Step. Save Bootstrap block with placeholder for YouTube

So, create blocks you can do from N1ED only. To remove them or move to different categories (or manage categories) please go into:

  • N1ED configuration (top right button in the toolbar or TinyMCE or CKEditor)
  • or press "Edit" on the N1ED sidebar with the list of blocks
  • or in your Dashboard. You can also export blocks from one website (API key) to another from here.
  • or into CMS configuration (if N1ED configuration widget exists on your CMS)

all these ways will lead you to equal results.

Edit Bootstrap block library on the sidebar screenshot
Edit on the sidebar
Edit Bootstrap block library in configuration screenshot
Edit in N1ED configuration editor

Sharing block templates

You can share your block templates between different websites (API keys) you have. This is useful when they have similar markup and content structure.

To copy one block template from one API key to another, go to Dashboard and click "Configure" near "Bootstrap Blocks" icon. You will go into templates list. "Export" button will open the dialog helping you to copy this template to another configuration.

Export Bootstrap block screenshot
Export Bootstrap block