Integration with Custom CMS

Previous articles of the installation manual taught you how to install and use N1ED. This could be enough if you do not plan to clone your CMS on different servers. But when you make some own CMS and ship it to a number of customers, you want to have individual API keys there (to have separated custom templates and editor preferences), so you need tools for easy visual API key configuration on any website your customers create.

Another usecase is when you want to give access to N1ED configuration to website managers without giving them N1ED master password.

Which targets can you reach with more deep integration:

  1. CMS user can set N1ED API key visually.

  2. CMS owner user can give access to N1ED preferences to his colleagues without exposing N1ED password.

  3. Configuration button can be hidden in N1ED, but available in administration panel only if you wish.

We recommend to pass step by step all next articles to get the most complete and consistent result.