Changelog of N1ED and all related plugins

v. 2022.11 (Nov 20, 2022)

  • New Flmngr API and detailed docs for it, the legacy API will be supported too.
  • Recursive file search in the file manager over all directories.
  • Compatibility with Drupal 10 fixed or improved.
  • Drupal module now supports CKEditor 5 (file manager and image editor only).
  • Test connection button added at configuring Amazon S3 or Azure Blob storage.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Drupal module.
  • Fixed disabling a scrollbar after Flmngr call in Drupal.
  • Fixed a directory selection on file manager open with preselected files in some cases.
  • Fixes in markup (compatibility with Bootstrap 5).
  • Fixed showing long file names in file view of Flmngr.

v. 2022.8 (Aug 15, 2022)

  • N1ED now fully supports TinyMCE 6.
  • Table view in Flmngr file manager.
  • Flmngr major backend update: it became more secure and supports Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.
  • Now Flmngr when working with the new backend will switch to Flmngr v2 automatically.
  • The Crop tool is available in image editor for Free users.
  • Flmngr toolbar reorganized.
  • Added filter highlighting in Flmngr.
  • Fixed issue with preselected files in Flmngr.
  • Fixed browsing of non-image files in Flmngr.
  • Fixed proportions of huge image widgets in full-screen mode on the visitor side.
  • Fixed applying responsiveness to images in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with updating images in the editor after they were edited.
  • Fixed move column buttons in Bootstrap editor.
  • Fixed disabled buttons in Bootstrap editor mode.
  • Fixed console errors after table selection.
  • Fixed working of multiple editor instances on one page.
  • Fixed support of YouTube API keys with underscore inside.
  • Fixed showing image previews in Flmngr v1 in Drupal.
  • Fixed saving an API key in Drupal in some cases.
  • Fixed an error when attaching the file manager field to some forms in Drupal.
  • Fixed respecting permissions of a current user when using user file fields in Drupal.
  • Fixed support of 3rd party modules providing virtual file systems in Drupal.
  • Fixed working with SVG images in Drupal.

v. 2022.5 (May 9, 2022)

  • Flmngr 2 file manager first stable release
  • Flmngr now has website with documentation and API reference, many CodePen demos are available there. You can use Flmngr within CKEditor/TinyMCE or outside it calling by API (on the same page with CKEditor/TinyMCE or fully separately).
  • Added access to 30000+ free stock images (integration with Unsplash) into Flmngr file manager.
  • Added a feature to reorder images in Flmngr file manager dialog (useful when managing galleries)
  • Flmngr now shows progress of file operations, helpful when working with Amazon S3 or Azure BLOB.
  • Fixed image uploading in Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 extensions when installed into subfolder.
  • Fixed loading of ImgPen image editor on pages with some conflicting 3rd party libraries.

v. 2022.3 (March 9, 2022)

  • Flmngr 2 beta is now available!
    • Image save dialog with format choose and size optimizations.
    • Dynamic non-blocking loading of directories with a lot of files.
    • Fast work with previews. Super fast redesigned cache.
    • Drag'n'drop of files into a file manager area.
    • Opening directory with selected files.
    • Multiple image choosing in the file manager for widgets like Gallery.
    • Non-blocking file uploader.
    • Modern interface based on MUI React library.
    • ...and there are many more changes in Flmngr 2 (update PHP backend or Drupal module to enable it).
  • Manuals for configuring Flmngr file manager with Amazon S3 and Azure Blob storages.
  • User manual was added in addition to technical documentation.
  • Problems which caused CSS conflicts CMSs were solved. For now there is no need to include content styles into a page outside of the editor.
  • Speed of making screenshots for custom blocks increased a lot.
  • New Upload button on the toolbar.
  • Browse button is now available even if there is no widget selected (will insert image widget).
  • Added a feature to duplicate Bootstrap rows.
  • Autoloading required CKEditor plugin "fakeobjects" (mostly for Drupal).
  • Added a feature to select anchors from the list for a link.
  • Dialog mode became more similar with sidebar one.
  • Notice dialog to help configure CKEditor N1ED plugin downloaded inside CKEditor build.
  • Compatibility fixes for TinyMCE cloud version (related to the toolbar).
  • Better support of Bootstrap 5 (full support of the latest Bootstrap 5 version).
  • Added CKeditor loading progress in Drupal 8 and 9.
  • Fixed editing TinyMCE config in React integrations.
  • Fixed warnings in Drupal reports.
  • Fixed not changing the image preview on the sidebar after it changed or edited.
  • Fixed detecting a context for Browse and Edit Image actions.
  • Fixed incorrect image proportions for changed images (resetting width and height attributes).
  • Fixed converting Image widget into Image Preview and back.
  • Fixed working with URLs with special symbols inside (fixed URI encode/decode problems).
  • Fixed conflict with admin theme in Drupal 9 (vertical collapsing of area with content in fullscreen mode).
  • Fixed setting YouTube API key and Font Awesome default color in Dashboard.
  • Fixed showing custom user labels for buttons on CKEditor toolbars.
  • Fixed working with covers for widgets together with the TinyMCE media plugin.
  • Fixed scrolling to the top in Bootstrap Editor Pro mode in some cases after a click.
  • Fixed wrapping a selected image with a link for CKEditor instances with image resizing controls enabled.
  • Fixed compatibility problems with calling link edit dialogs.
  • Fixed problems with trailing slashes in Bootstrap URLs.
  • Fixed different bugs related to Bootstrap widgets (accordion, carousel, tabs, badge).
  • Fixed installation verification for N1ED as JS snippet.
  • Fixed working with relative URLs in TinyMCE.

v. 2021.10 (Oct 14, 2021)

  • Quick building content block by block with new toolbar panel on the bottom.
  • New control panel and visual configuration tool.
  • Advanced theming: options to style content in WYSIWYG editor like on your website.
  • Now you can include Bootstrap and other required styles dynamically on the website visitors side.
  • Reduced weight of N1ED by merging all plugins in one optimized meta-plugin.
  • Module for Drupal 7 released (yes, we have some users who can't upgrade to Drupal 8 or 9).
  • Module for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 is now compatible with Paragraphs module.
  • Drupal 8: fixed working with file system on Windows servers.
  • Added option to highlight Bootstrap structure only.
  • Fixed setData() call of CKEditor required for some integrations like Angular.
  • Compatibility with the latest TinyMCE 5.10 was improved.
  • Image preview widget style fixes.
  • Fixed search Youtube videos by inserting direct URL to in the search dialog.
  • A new version of Flmngr is available as beta by request for Premium users.
  • More accurate calling Flmngr from standard TinyMCE image/link dialogs.
  • Fixed wrapping content with a link in some versions of TinyMCE.
  • Fixed button text wrapping in CKEditor/TinyMCE when screen is not wide enough.
  • Added feature to preview SVG images in .NET backend.
  • Fixed resize and preview images features in .NET backend.

v. 2021.8 (Aug 2, 2021)

  • Self-hosted version is available by request for enterprise users.
  • Other integrations now also have the ability to use self-hosted versions (manual install).
  • ASP.NET backend was fully redeveloped and attached to our auto-tests. Now we can recommend it to use.
  • Support of Bootstrap 5 stable version.
  • Added Bootstrap Carousel widget.
  • Magento module stable release.
  • Faster working with custom Bootstrap Blocks. N1ED loading was also improved after this feature optimization.
  • Snippet integration now uses the latest version of TinyMCE 5 (5.8.2).
  • Added find/replace feature for CodeMirror HTML editor (source dialog).
  • Added a new feature to hide specified widget not only from toolbar, but also from the sidebar.
  • Added "Force PNG" and "JPEG quality" options for ImgPen image editor.
  • Added resize constraints for the image editor (min/max width and height configuration)
  • Fixed z-indexes for TinyMCE dialogs and dropdowns.
  • Fixed Tabs and Accordion widgets insertion code when placing multiple widgets on a page.
  • Fixes in basic auth when using Flmngr on password protected servers.
  • Fixed using CodeMirror editor in some configurations.
  • Fix for toolbar buttons when using manual toolbar configuration.

v. 2021.4 (Apr 28, 2021)

  • Added embedding images without uploading them onto a server.
  • Easy linking files and images by URL.
  • Flmngr now supports Basic Auth on the server.
  • Free plan now has the same features as Widgets plan (but shows banner).
  • Froala file manager and Froala image editor were implemented over N1ED as a core.
  • Better support of 3rd party file managers.
  • Added template preferences in Dashboard for Embedded Page (IFrame) widget.
  • Fixed some file upload and autoresize of image issues.
  • Fixed setting URL with underscores as a link.

v. 2021.3 (Mar 8, 2021)

  • Bootstrap 5 beta 2 is supported now!
  • Improved Bootstrap fixer - more accurate wrapping non-Bootstrap content.
  • Creating and loading screenshots of Bootstrap blocks became faster.
  • Demo now has two versions: empty and with contents.
  • Fixed calling independent instances of ImgPen image editor.
  • Fixed link sidebar when using rich content inside of the link.
  • Drupal 8 module now can attach to file fields outside of CKEditor to call Flmngr file manager.
  • Unified calling Flmngr from API and from N1ED.
  • Significantly reduced size of N1ED script files.
  • Fixed <u> underline tag in CKEditor.

v. 2021.1 (Jan 23, 2021)

  • More clear highlighting of Bootstrap grid.
  • Making screenshots of Bootstrap blocks made more accurate.
  • Bootstrap 4.5 and higher support (new container classes).
  • New configuration editor.
  • 3rd party file managers are now supported.
  • Icons on breadcrumbs in non-maximized version.
  • Custom templates improved, auto screenshot making feature added.
  • The fullscreen-only mode is not obligatory since this release.
  • Two CKEditor and TinyMCE toolbar modes: automatic toolbar population (default) and manual.
  • New buttons on CKEditor and TinyMCE toolbar.
  • Reduced file size and increased loading speed.
  • Drupal 8 module updated to support new toolbar configuration.
  • Joomla module was improved, some integration bugs were fixed.
  • New Magento module (beta).
  • New WordPress module (beta).
  • Added the action for wrapping any widget with the link.
  • Fixed replacing image with another issue.
  • A list of small issues fixed in Flmngr, including integration with ImgPen.

v. 2020.10 (Nov 4, 2020)

  • ImgPen has custom shapes, stickers, fonts and colors feature.
  • ImgPen image editor became much more stable (different bugs fixed).
  • Visual configuration panel for ImgPen.
  • ImgPen image editor SDK released.
  • Flmngr file manager SDK released.
  • PHP version Flmngr backend, now supports SVG and WEBP format.
  • Showing default selected file on Flmngr dialog open.
  • Showing dimensions of images in Flmngr dialog view.
  • More fast and optimized preview loading in Flmngr file manager on files list.
  • New version of N1ED module for Drupal 8 and 9: PHP backend updated.
  • Saving progress in ImgPen.
  • Fixed: Encoding special symbols in links in all N1ED widgets.

v. 2020.9 (September 26, 2020)

  • Bootstrap block gallery updated and extended. Now it has dynamic block constructors helping you to insert blocks by your preferences. Content and landing blocks are available.
  • Filling options for inserted blocks. You can choose which content (Lorem ipsum text, header, widgets or combinations) to use to fill block templates inserted from the block palette.
  • Bootstrap custom block categories. Build your own gallery of Bootstrap blocks.
  • Export Bootstrap block to another configuration (API key) from Dashboard. Useful when you have a number of websites with individual configurations to share blocks between them.
  • Duplicate (clone) block button for Bootstrap blocks.
  • Autocomplete classes for all widgets, autocomplete classes for Bootstrap.
  • Placeholder widget. You can add a placeholder widget into your templates and choose real widget after it is inserted into an actual content.
  • Set and edit background of blocks and widgets (color, gradient and background image). Available for Bootstrap block elements and widgets like Image Gallery, Table, etc..
  • .NET version for server part of Flmngr. Installation wizard is also available in the Dashboard.
  • Sidebar actions to insert text right before and after selected widget.
  • "Add block" button on the CKEditor and TinyMCE toolbar.
  • Font Awesome 5.14 support.
  • N1ED loading progress in the Drupal module.
  • Added "N1Theme" skin for CKEditor into the CKEditor plugin build available in the installation wizard.
  • Close image button for previews and gallery previews maximized by an visitor on the end website.
  • We've extended trial period to 14 days.
  • N1ED now has a partner program.
  • Fixed: YouTube videos browse dialog: search right after pasting an URL.
  • Fixed: widget.js library now supports old Require.js projects.
  • Fixed: "Call-able" links. Link widget now supports telephone links.
  • Fixed: Bootstrap container/row/column actions on sidebar and in the grid builder mode.
  • Fixed: Keeping correct blocks structure when deleting the last container in TinyMCE.
  • Fixed: "Browse file" and "Edit image" buttons disabled state (including inside Flmngr).
  • Fixed: Selecting text in columns after a column was inserted or selected.
  • Fixed: Top menu overflow fix for TinyMCE 5 in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed: Popup menus positioning in TinyMCE 4.
  • Fixed: More accurate converting standard images to responsive ones.
  • Fixed: Issues with converting from Image to Preview widget and back.
  • Fixed: Exiting from the full screen mode in FireFox and Edge browsers.

v. 2020.7 (July 25, 2020)

Read more about this release in our blog.

  • Image Gallery manager.
  • Walkthrough of images in galleries.
  • Automatic preview generation for Image Previews and Image Galleries.
  • Responsive option for Image widget will generate previews for mobile resolutions.
  • Basic features of Flmngr and File Uploader now added to Free plan.
  • New UI for sidebar editor of all image widgets.
  • N1ED module for Drupal was approved by Drupal Security Team. The green shield got!
  • PHP backend updated to support automatic image resizing (please update it).
  • Failsafe working with broken images in PHP.
  • Double click in Flmngr selects a file.
  • An option to hide the sidebar in non-maximized mode.
  • Self-hosted CDN caching server is available for Studio/SaaS/Enterprise users.
  • Fixed: Drupal installation to subdirectory.
  • Fixed: compatibility with different TinyMCE versions and build (5/4/Cloud).
  • Fixed: YouTube search by URL.
  • Fixed: Google Translate service protocol updated.

v. 2020.6 (June 23, 2020)

  • Released Joomla extension (based on TinyMCE 5 + N1ED).
  • Flmngr and ImgPen now open fullscreen dialog through all iframes to fit 100% width/height of the browser.
  • Showing "OK" button of Flmngr every time despite the browser width.
  • Fresh version of Flmngr API for custom calls (see samples there).
  • More accurate working with paths in Drupal multisite configurations.
  • Fixed: showing placeholders in Bootstrap block gallery on non-HTTPS websites.
  • Fixed: multiple flag in Flmngr API.
  • Fixed: disappearing of column when inserting new widget in Bootstrap Editor (CKEditor).
  • Fixed: save custom Bootstrap block issue.
  • Fixed: editing table cells in some cases.
  • Fixed: Flmngr issue with uppercase letters in extensions.
  • Fixed: corrected disabling/enabling menu items in Flmngr.
  • Fixed: error handling in PHP version of Flmngr (please update).
  • Fixed: incorrect showing of widget preferences in configuration editor until you reopen tabs.

v. 2020.5 (May 21, 2020)

  • Sharing configurations across your websites or your webstudio clients using access tokens.
  • Multisite support: sharing configurations across your websites or your webstudio clients using access tokens.
  • Zero dependencies for preview and gallery widgets.
  • Bootstrap 3 support improved, especially block templates.
  • Drupal 8 and Joomla 3 control panels were significantly improved.
  • Drupal 9 is supported too by Drupal 8 N1ED module.
  • Font Awesome 5.13.0 support.
  • Fix: Maximize button caption in classic mode.
  • Fix: selecting images in Drupal 8 in some cases.
  • Fix: HTML validation on "Edit Source" dialog.

v. 2020.4 (Apr 06, 2020)

  • Joomla 3 extension improvements, especially related to Bootstrap support.
  • "Add widget" button on the toolbar for inserting widgets and templates into your document.
  • Improved Bootstrap block template insert dialog.
  • Installation wizard is now available for all visitors.
  • Fix: adding built-in structure templates for Bootstrap 3.
  • Fix: icons on some button in CKEditor.
  • Fix: style saving when editing HTML source.

v. 2020.3 (Mar 24, 2020)

Read more about this release in our blog.

  • Creating different configurations for your websites using multiple API keys is now available.
  • Add custom block templates in Bootstrap Editor. It will automatically generate a preview for the container you wish to add to the library.
  • TinyMCE 4 is now supported too (in addition to TinyMCE 5 and CKEditor 4), but we advise you to update to TinyMCE 5 in any case.
  • Joomla extension. Fully integrated (including features like inserting a link to an article from the list).
  • Drupal module update: storing configurations on CDN and you can switching between them, "Configure" button now works right in editing mode, N1ED can be disabled for Text Format you use for comments.
  • Magento installation is now possible due to TinyMCE 4 is supported.
  • Fix: multiple Bootstrap tabs on the page.
  • Fix: Bootstrap 3 compatible responsive images (adding correct class).
  • Fix: quotation marks in custom templates.

v. 2020.2 (Feb 24, 2020)

  • Visual configuring is now possible right from N1ED.
  • Installation Wizard in Dashboard will help you to install N1ED on any platform step-by-step.
  • React component available in NPM. See also GitHub for JavaScript example and TypeScript example.
  • Font Awesome icons updated to 5.12.1.
  • Fully self-hosted version with really all used resources is available for our enterprise users.
  • This release highly increases stability due to were fixed many errors related to different integrations.
  • Thanks to our new auto-update feature most of users will get this release automatically

v. 2020.1 (Jan 23, 2020)

  • Easy installation with CDN with auto update and visual configuration.
  • Dashboard: configuration editor and self-hoster version builder are integrated together.
  • Dashboard: adding custom widget templates visually.
  • Dialog mode added in addition to Classic and Fullscreen ones.
  • New "Add widgets" panel.
  • Fixed mobile preview in some CKEditor 4 configurations.
  • Fixed content scrollbar appearance in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed compatibility with spellchecker in TinyMCE.
  • Fixed problems with opening Flmngr and ImgPen when multiple editors loaded.
  • Fixed problem with invisible popup menus in full screen mode in TinyMCE.
  • Feature to pass functions to custom templates to provide dynamic HTML.
  • Font Awesome icons updated.
  • Source code dialog is now opened in full screen mode.

v. 2019.12 (Dec 23, 2019)

  • N1ED is free.
  • Bootstrap Editor now has templates gallery of blocks.
  • Added feature to set vertical and horizontal alignment for columns in Bootstrap 4 rows.
  • Updated Font Awesome widget to support FA v.5.12.
  • New ecosystem versioning system (year.month.fix).
  • Dashboard now has "Download now" section with hints how to install N1ED and other add-ons.
  • Fixed bug when breadcrumbs were not updated when going to Bootstrap structure editing mode.
  • Fixed bug with parsing Base64 content of SVG in some cases.
  • Fixed opening full screen mode in TinyMCE.
  • Fixed YouTube video cover highlighting.

v. 2.1.5 (Dec 10, 2019)

  • Fixed hiding of Bootstrap Editor buttons.
  • Title of the links and buttons now is placed on left sidebar.
  • New Info toolbar button to display the versions and check updates.
  • Fixed toolbar separators in CKEditor Builder.

v. 2.1.4 (Dec 2, 2019)

  • CKEditor builder in your dashboard is available.
  • Added feature to configure Bootstrap Editor activation when going to full screen mode.

v. 2.1.3 (Nov 26, 2019)

  • Improved compatibility with AMD (i. e. RequireJS).
  • Fixed problem with ImgPen loaded before N1ED.

v. 2.1.2 (Nov 20, 2019)

  • Fixed adding "Add row" button into empty document when using bootstrap4.rootContains="rows".
  • Fixed switching between fluid and regular container.
  • CodeMirror source dialog now opens also on click on standard source toolbar/menu item.
  • Fixed z-index problem with CKEditor standard dialogs.
  • Fixed Tabs widget padding in Bootstrap 3.
  • Fixed code sample generation in "Share template with team" dialog.
  • A number of small UI fixes (relative to toolbar button and Bootstrap layout highlighting).

v. 2.1.1 (Nov 14, 2019)

  • Fixed breadcrumbs position in full screen
  • Fixed some titles

v. 2.1 (Nov 11, 2019)

  • Bootstrap Editor was improved a lot (grid editing became more powerful and easy).
  • Bootstrap sections: full-width containers.
  • New actions for containers and sections.
  • Bootstrap Accordion widget added.
  • Bootstrap Tabs widget added.

v. 2.0.6 (Nov 3, 2019)

  • Correct applying styles to elements in TinyMCE.
  • Selection update after saving HTML source.

v. 2.0.5 (Oct 31, 2019)

  • N1ED Drupal 8 module is now compatible with "Entity Embed" module.
  • Full compatibility with Drupal 8 dialogs when working with z-indexes.
  • Config Editor supports Bootstrap 3 configuration editing.
  • Fixed problems with opening HTML source editor and templates on pages with two editors.

v. 2.0.4 (Oct 23, 2019)

  • Running through IFrames, frames and framesets support if they used on your website.
  • TinyMCE invisible top menu bug fixed.
  • Enhancements of TinyMCE builder in user's dashboard.
  • Popups with hints in N1ED and Flmngr.

v. 2.0.3 (Oct 17, 2019)

  • Fullscreen mode compatibility improved.
  • Fix of styles of Flmngr overlapping ones of website.
  • Creating paragraphs in new Bootstrap columns by default to be more compatible with TinyMCE.
  • Small UI fixes.

v. 2.0.2 (Oct 15, 2019)

  • Drupal 8 compatibility improvements.
  • Fixed TinyMCE fullscreen layout in some cases.
  • Added editing body tag in breadcrumbs.
  • Vertical align in Bootstrap columns fixed.
  • Correction for auto fixing Bootstrap grid.

v. 2.0.1 (Oct 14, 2019)

  • TinyMCE Builder added in dashboard for TinyMCE integration users.
  • Dashboard improved.
  • New ui.minZIndex parameter to specify z-indexes for N1ED UI dialogs and panels.
  • Fixed bug with "undefined" ruler when setting custom breakpoints.
  • Some fixes for Bootstrap Editor mode related to structure.
  • More accurate filtering helper classes on save.

v. 2.0 (Sep 26, 2019)

See full info with screenshots in 2.0 release notes

  • Drupal 8 module with nice configuration panel!
  • Both Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 3 are now supported.
  • Full screen mode enhancements.
  • TinyMCE and CKEditor inline mode is supported (without full screen feature yet; due to editors limitations).
  • Selecting files in Flmngr file manager when adding widget is available.
  • Switching between editing modes improved, including UI.
  • Adding custom templates improvements.
  • Fixed case sensitive file extension check in PHP backend.
  • Fixed full screen mode in TinyMCE 5 when activating fullscreen add-on after N1ED.
  • Breaking change: bootstrap4 configuration section was moved from include section to top level.
  • Breaking change: highlightLevel have gone, use showStructure option instead.
  • v. 2.0.1. Fixed focus issues caused closing full screen mode

v. 1.6 (Aug 14, 2019)

  • Custom HTML templates feature added.
  • Editing highlighted source HTML of whole document is now supported.
  • Font Awesome icons updated.

v. 1.5 (July 24, 2019)

  • Mobile page preview modes added in N1ED (they were in Bootstrap Editor only before this version).
  • Bootstrap Editor add-on now is optional add-on for N1ED
    Breaking change: you need to add "BootstrapEditor" into your plugins (TinyMCE) or extraPlugins (CKEditor) section in order to use it.
  • Fixed Bootstrap Editor selection in TinyMCE: you can select columns and rows right in editor, not only in breadcrumbs.
  • The new feature to auto fix Bootstrap 4 markup using fixStructure configuration key.
  • The new feature to disable including Bootstrap styles and scripts for those who include them inside their own ones.
  • Added new option [widgetList] for configuring widgets palette on Add tab.
  • Added new buttons to Flmngr to have quick upload tools for images, files and galleries.
  • State of button Translator fixed for readonly mode.
  • Font Awesome icons updated.
  • Dashboard page with self-hosted downloads was extremely improved.

v. 1.4 (June 24, 2019)

  • TinyMCE 4 and TinyMCE 5 received support along with CKEditor
  • Cloud and self-hosted N1ED versions now have their own documentation
  • Improved UI
  • Fixed bug with incorrect display classes for rows in Bootstrap 4
  • CKEditor installation was changed a bit

v. 1.3 (June 5, 2019)

  • Classic mode in addition to Full screen mode
  • Support of multiple CKEditor instances on page
  • UI styling and multiple UI fixes
  • N1ED skin for CKEditor improved to work with balloon toolbars and panels

v. 1.2 (May 20, 2019)

  • New UI
  • Full compatibility with CKEditor API
  • Self-hosted edition for your server
  • Revamped widget system
  • Added File Manager
  • New Bootstrap Editor
  • Preview of responsive content
  • Drastically improved work with image galleries
  • Content display modes
  • Widget based breadcrumbs

In v. 1.2.1 (May 22, 2019):

  • Fixed calling Image Editor from File Manager
  • N1ED skin added to downloadable archives
  • Multiple minor fixes

v. 1.1 (Feb 05, 2019)

  • WordPress 5 support.
  • Font Awesome plugin added.
  • Added using covers above elements when working with dynamic ones in CKEditor (like iframes and videos).
  • All CMS modules support working on localhost in demo mode without an API key.
  • File & Images plugin was improved: new select file dialog supports drag'n'drop, specifying URLs and pasting images from clipboard.
  • New attachToButton API call for opening N1ED in full screen mode by clicking on a button.
  • Fixed problems with using attachToElement after detachFrom API call when using <textarea> and <input> element as a source.
  • Preview feature on our demo.
  • No default domains (like localhost) for API keys, just attached ones.
  • Documentation was extended, especially API guide.
  • We now use ZenDesk for easy communications with our lovely customers.

v. 1.0 (Dec 18, 2018)

The first release of N1ED - new editor with Dashboard and Bootstrap 4 support.
It improves and extends JS+ Bootstrap Editor 2 features, integrates all other JS+ CKEditor add-ons and own CKEditor 4 build into one seamless product.

We experience problems with Zendesk, our ticket system, mail sent there won't be delivered. Please write us directly to until the problem is resolved.