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min 5 users
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$5/mo. per website
min 100 websites
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Premium, SaaS

Base editor features

N1ED widgets Check Check Check
Image Preview Check Check Check
Image Gallery widget Uncheck Check Check
Carousel widget Uncheck Check Check
Page Embed Check Check Check
Embedding YouTube video Check Check Check
Font Awesome Icons Check Check Check
Bootstrap Icons Check Check Check
Bootstrap Widgets Check Check Check
Upload and manage files & images Check Check Check
Inline CSS, Classes, Attributes Check Check Check
Include custom CSS and JS Check Check Check
Advanced Code Editor Check Check Check
Visual Configuration Check Check Check
SaaS API Uncheck Uncheck Check

Bootstrap Editor

Bootstrap Grid Uncheck Check Check
Block-by-block page composing Uncheck Check Check
Ready-to-use design blocks Uncheck Check Check
Custom Templates Uncheck Check Check
Advanced Responsive Design Tools Uncheck Check Check
Responsive Design Preview Check Check Check

Image Editor

Image editor: 10 tools Uncheck Check Check
Image editor customization Uncheck Check Check

File Manager

Upload Files & Images Check Check Check
Base Files & Images Management Tools Check Check Check
File Manager API Check Check Check
Stock photos from Unspalsh Uncheck Check Check
Resolving existing files on upload:
Auto rename/Overwrite/Set name
Uncheck Check Check
Multiple file choice Uncheck Check Check
Recursive file search Uncheck Check Check
Dynamic directory tree loading Uncheck Check Check
Auto collapsing of directory tree Uncheck Check Check
Expand levels of directories Uncheck Check Check
Hide files and directories by name Uncheck Check Check
White label Uncheck Check Check
Extra API methods and parameters Uncheck Check Check

Other services

Txt42 ChatGPT plugin Optional Check Check
Translator Uncheck Check Check

File Manager backend

No backend required Uncheck Optional
activate Cloud support
PHP Check Check Check
Node.js Check Check Check
Java Uncheck Contact us Check

Cloud support

Local storage Check Check Check
Cloud storage support Uncheck $100/mo. per bucket
activate in the Dashboard
Amazon S3 Uncheck Optional Check
Azure Blob Uncheck Optional Check
Cloudflare R2 Uncheck Optional Check
DigitalOcean object storage Uncheck Optional Check
Yandex object storage Uncheck Optional Check
Google object storage Uncheck Optional Check
Storage location count 1 Optional Unlimited

Plan details

All premium plans cover using the editor for editing content on one website. There is also a limit for using N1ED by the number of team members you've bought licenses for. Redistribution is prohibited. For more information, please refer to the Licensing section.

If you own named websites, run a SaaS, or require isolated users' storage on a single website, please contact us.

Talk to sales

Upgrading your plan

We grow only when you grow. That's why you need a new license for every website you create or maintain.

When you want to create a new website or install N1ED on an additional website, you need a new license that will cover it. Please log into the Dashboard and order required number of website or user licenses. You plan will be changed according to changes you did.


Payment and Taxes

Depending on your country, VAT may be applicable to the purchase. The final purchase step will display the actual tax amount for the country you've selected before making the payment.

You will receive an invoice from our authorized e-Commerce reseller located at: 225 The East Mall, Suite 1117, Toronto, ON, M9B 0A9, Canada.


You can cancel the subscription at any time. However, please note that once the prepaid period ends, access to all premium features will be lost.


All paid users will receive premium support from our team. Contact our support from Dashboard when needed. We are also ready to answer any pre-sale question.