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  • check5 min install with Wizard
  • checkVisual configuration
  • checkWidgets
  • checkUpload files & images
  • checkCustom templates
  • checkResponsiveness support
  • check File Uploader


  • check5 min install with Wizard
  • checkVisual configuration
  • check Widgets
  • checkUpload files & images
  • check Custom templates
  • check Responsiveness support
  • check File Uploader
  • check File Manager
  • check Image Editor
  • check Bootstrap grid editor
  • check Bootstrap widgets
  • check Bootstrap smart templates
  • check Custom Bootstrap templates
  • check Translator
Paid annually


N1ED is a cloud service but we provide a set of tools for keeping the whole installation on your server.

This can be insteresting for SaaS website builders or web studios we will be happy to collaborate with.

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Plans details

All the plans cover using the editor for editing content for a number of websites you purchased a licenses for.

1 website = 1 domain (like ""), including 1 alias (like ""). You can also install N1ED maximum to 3 non-public development servers without global domain names attached to them. There is also a limit for using N1ED by a maximum of 15 your team members. Redistribution is prohibited.

We also have a special offer for companies who needs to extend the limits or have custom needs (redistributing the product, bulk licenses number, etc.).

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Plan upgrade

Need upgrade?

Our mission is to create beautiful content on your websites. And we grow only when you grow.

When you want to create a new website or install N1ED to an additional website, you need a new license that will cover it. If you already reached your domain limit, you can purchase new licenses: feel free to do it from the table on this page and you see an updated number of your licenses in Dashboard.

Probably you may wish to purchase a plan with more licenses (3, 10, ...) due to they are cheaper per domain. In this case we will return money for the unused period of your previous subscription. We are also ready to answer your questions about licenses upgrade - contact us.


Depending on your country the purchase is a subject for VAT. You will see actual tax for the country you've selected on the final purchase step before the payment.


You can cancel the subscription at any time without losing the ability to use the product and get updates until your subscription ends.


Any of N1ED users can contact support and get help. All paid users will get premium support from our team from their Dashboard.