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N1ED extension for Joomla will power up your TinyMCE editor

Disruptive but smooth: bring your Joomla WYSIWYG editor on the new level with an easy learning curve.

Widgets palette

Galleries, Tables, Image Previews and other widgets you can insert into your articles. Custom widget templates are also available!

Live demo
Add new widgets on your pages
File manager and Image editor windows

Files and images tools

All these tools are built into N1ED:

  • Upload images, insert them as pictures, previews or galleries
  • Manage your files and directories on the server with Flmngr file manager
  • Edit images (crop, resize, apply filters, add text...) with ImgPen image editor

Bootstrap support

Great Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 support for those who use Joomla theme based on Bootstrap.

The special tools you get with N1ED:

  • Including Bootstrap into TinyMCE
  • Support of your website Bootstrap theme in editor
  • Mobile simulation and preview
  • Bootstrap widgets (like Button, Accordion or Tabs)
  • Custom grid builder
  • Collection of ready-to-use Bootstrap blocks
  • Custom user Bootstrap blocks
Easy work with Bootstrap builder
Configure WYSYWYG editor visually

Visual configuration

Control panel integrated with Joomla and may be called right from N1ED itself.

All configuration from defining custom blocks and templates until specifying Bootstrap options is fully visual.

Full Joomla support

N1ED will not break inserting links to articles and will add extra Joomla-special widgets in the palette.

Install the Joomla module in one click and update it using our update repository automatically.

Insert link to article in Joomla

Multisite support

Easy to install and manage configurations for many websites.

Enhanced scheme of managing configuration rights which fits the needs of studios or freelancers who need to manage configuration for all their clients, but give them access only to own configuration by API key. Read more ยป

Easy installation

Install the module and that's all. You are ready to use N1ED wherever you use TinyMCE in your Joomla. All TinyMCE add-ons will be received via CDN automatically and enrolled into auto update system.

Are you a web studio?

We'll explain to you how to better install N1ED to all your clients' websites

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