Editing N1ED configuration

There are different ways to configure N1ED depending on what target do you wish to reach. N1ED is very flexible and you can combine different approaches to develop any application or website you need.

First of all visual N1ED configuration is available for you. This is the default and recommended way to configure your HTML editor. In most of cases this is enough to set all the preferences you need.

Also sometimes you need to pass configuration programmatically, so you can use CKEditor or TinyMCE configuration format and inject there special N1ED keys. This way always works together with visual configuration preferences and should be used for overriding configuration.

Configure button screenshot
Configure N1ED right from N1ED. "Configure" button
Configuration editor in dashboard screenshot
Config editor is available from Dashboard
N1ED settings in Drupal8 screenshot
N1ED configuration in Drupal

Visual configuration

N1ED has configuration UI for extremely easy setting options for your WYSIWYG editor. Each plugin of N1ED platform stores its configuration in the cloud. Every such configuration is addressed by N1ED API key. This means when you specify some API key in your editor when install N1ED, you link the editor to cloud configuration you can edit.

You can call the configuration dialog from CKEditor or TinyMCE where N1ED is installed by clicking the "Configure" button in the top right corner of a toolbar. The same window you can find in your Dashboard or on a special configuration page in your CMS (this is optional and depends on the integration you use). Configuring the editor from each of these areas will bring the same effect.

Every configuration is open for read for everybody who uses the editor with your API key (N1ED will receive the settings without any passwords on the load), and requires a password or secret token when you try to edit and save N1ED settings of the current API key.

Enabling and disabling plugins

As you can see there is a list of plugins on the index page of the configuration panel. You can mark or unmark checkboxes to enable or disable any of them. Some of them have dependencies and required plugins will be enabled together with the desired one when you enable it, this is calculated automatically and you will not make any mistake. Every time you change the enabled state of some plugin, settings are being saved immediately, but you need to reload N1ED to take effect.

Some plugins have "Configure" button to call a dialog with plugin settings. Use it to show your current preferences and edit them (will be saved after you click "OK" in the dialog).

There are three groups of plugins linked to pricing plans: widgets, files and image tools, Bootstrap tools. Users with the "Widgets" plan have access to the first group, "Widgets plus" plan users access the first and the second plugin groups, and the "Bootstrap Editor" plan users have access to all plugins.

Configuration editor screenshot
Config editor

Widgets plugins

For your ease, one Widgets plugin is represented with a number of subplugins, but actually, all of them can be enabled or disabled at once only. But their settings are located in different dialogs:

Configuring toolbar buttons screenshot
UI settings. Configuring toolbar buttons
Custom templates screenshot
Custom templates manager
Custom theme screenshot
Including custom theme

Files and images plugins

There are two plugins: Flmngr file manager and ImgPen image editor and there is also a server-side script, which we show as File Uploader add-on - you need to configure it first of all to use the features of file manager or image editor.

File Uploader settings screenshot
Configuring File Uploader
Image Editor settings screenshot
Image Editor settings

Bootstrap plugins

Editing the Bootstrap structure and managing custom blocks is easy in Bootstrap Editor plan and can be configured in the related group. Translator add-on comes as a bonus.

Bootstrap Editor options screenshot
Configuring Bootstrap Editor
Bootstrap Blocks managing screenshot
Bootstrap Blocks managing
Translator options screenshot
Configuring Translator
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