File manager cloud storage support

This article is related to N1ED Premium users who purchased an additional option to support Amazon S3 / Azure Blob storages.

All the support for working with files in N1ED is provided by the built-in Flmngr file manager. You can use it with your own (local server) storage after installing its backend on your server, but it also supports cloud storages such are Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.

Easy configuration and compatibility

Does not matter what editor you use or which backend on your server you have - Flmngr when configured to work with the cloud file system will work with any of your applications. In such configurations it will access the cloud server acting as a proxy between the file manager and S3/Blob storage.

So when accessing Amazon S3 or Azure blob from Flmngr file manager you do not need to install anything. The file manager will transparently access your Amazon S3 bucket or Azure Blob container. This is done using our server with microservice we provide you fully configured with cloud file system option. So you start using file manager right after you install N1ED/Flmngr on your client side (in CKEditor, TinyMCE, React app, etc.)

Fast working with S3/Blob

The configurable deep caching algorithm is the main feature of Flmngr implementation of cloud file systems support. It will significantly increase the speed of loading directory/file structure and loading and generating image previews (remember, Flmngr is an images-first file manager).

If you use the cloud storage using Flmngr only (and no other app or the user can change manually the content of your S3 bucket or Blob container), caching time can be set to an unlimited value, so on every start the file manager will take just milliseconds to retrieve contents to build the tree and populate file items. Then it will quickly load image previews from caching server so no requests to S3/Blob will be done (if the cache was already built).

Multi-user support

Some customers use the file manager with the single storage they place files into. This is some directory in a single Amazon S3 bucket or Azure Blob container.

But some website/app developers need to store files of different users in different folders or even in different buckets.

Flmngr supports such independent storages and this is one of its main features.


A high level of isolation up to storing service on a dedicated server we offer to you will help you keep the security level high.

S3/Blob access credentials will not be exposed to end users because the file manager client accesses the cloud only through the server. This is covered by access tokens owned individually by each user accessing S3/Blob from your side.

Our developer team will review your implementation to avoid any misconfiguration.

Self-hosted and cloud versions

The most users need just a cloud version of Flmngr backend we provide on an already preconfigured shared or dedicated server.

For big enterprise clients we offer a self-hosted backend (instead of our cloud service) on individual conditions. We also offer free help with integration of this software into your project (directly to the server or into the source repository to fit your build & deploy process, CI rules, etc.).