Install N1ED extension for Magento

Use Wizard

Easy install N1ED as plugin into your WYSIWYG editor, CMS or framework now and start creating perfect content.

Install now Run Wizard

Connect to your server using console (e. g. via SSH or direct terminal).

Change the current working directory to the root directory of your Magento installation with the command:

cd /var/www/your-website-name/

Run these commands:

composer require edsdk/n1ed-magento
bin/magento s:d:c && bin/magento setup:upgrade && bin/magento c:c

Set API key

You need to specify your own key to configure N1ED. Go on N1ED configuration page selecting: ContentN1ED and click Change button for that. In the opened window please specify the API key.

Set API key screenshot
Change demo API key

Enable N1ED Magento extension

Go to your web control panel into StoresConfigurationGeneralContent management.

Uncheck "Use system value" box related to "WYSIWYG Editor" field, then choose "N1ED" in the combobox, then press "Save Config".

Install extension screenshot
Enable extension

Try to edit some article

Now you can edit your articles with power of N1ED. Just go to ContentPages and add new page.

Edit article in Magento with N1ED screenshot
Edit article in Magento with N1ED

When using module for popular CMS you do not need to do any additional steps - all these things were already done by N1ED developers inside N1ED module.

So all these features are ready to use: content editing, file management, deep integration with CMS.