Install N1ED extension for Joomla 4

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Easy install N1ED as plugin into your WYSIWYG editor, CMS or framework now and start creating perfect content.

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Download Joomla 4 extension

Download and install N1ED extension for all N1ED Ecosystem add-ons!

Install Joomla 4 extension

Go into Joomla administration panel and choose SystemExtensions. Then go to Upload Package File tab. Upload the archive with extension and installation starts automatically.

Upload Joomla extension
Upload Joomla extension

You can also use Install from Web tab. Type "n1ed" into the search field and click on the result.

Install Joomla extension from Web
Install Joomla extension from Web

Set API key

Go on N1ED configuration page selecting: ComponentsN1ED Content Editor. You need to specify your own key to configure N1ED: click Change button for that. In the opened window please specify the API key.

Get your own API key
Connect Joomla and N1ED with your API key
Set API key for N1ED
Specify API key you already have or get it free

Enable N1ED

The last thing to do: set N1ED as default Joomla editor. Go into SystemGlobal Configuration and select N1ED in Default Editor combobox.

Default editor in Joomla
Set N1ED as default editor

Edit articles with N1ED

Now you can edit your articles with power of N1ED. Just go to ContentArticlesAdd New Article menu item and check N1ED in the action.

Create content with N1ED
Running Joomla extension

When using module for popular CMS you do not need to do any additional steps - all these things were already done by N1ED developers inside N1ED module.

So all these features are ready to use: content editing, file management, deep integration with CMS.