Install N1ED React component

Use Wizard

Easy install N1ED as plugin into your WYSIWYG editor, CMS or framework now and start creating perfect content.

Install now Run Wizard

Install N1ED React package being in the directory of your project by NPM tool:

npm install --save @edsdk/n1ed-react

or for Yarn users

yarn add @edsdk/n1ed-react

Use N1ED component

Let's use N1ED in your project. Open your source file and in the top of it add new import:

import {N1ED} from "@edsdk/n1ed-react";

Then inside render() method add N1ED component definition:

import React from 'react';
import {N1ED} from '@edsdk/n1ed-react';
import {Editor} from 'tinymce';

// ... and somewhere in render() function:
    initialValue="<p>N1ED react demo</p>"

where handleEditorChange(htmlContent: string): void is your own function you define as listener for change event.

You can also see demo TypeScript project on GitHub as example of use.

Install the backend

Now you need to install the file manager server-side script somewhere on your server to enable file manager functionalities in your editor. Follow the instructions behind the link on how to do it.

Check your installation

Now you can edit your articles with the power of N1ED. Go to your content and check N1ED in the action.