N1ED for WordPress installation

N1ED is a new generation of a WYSIWYG editor.
Your WordPress website only gets better if it has quality responsive layout in addition to an eye-catching design.

Upload picture, embed YouTube videos, edit tables and so much more with this WordPress module installed in one click. You don't have to deal with complex config files - N1ED offers a convenient Dashboard for easy configuration management.

Download and install N1ED

Download WordPress add-on now



  1. Download add-on for WordPress from your control panel on
  2. Open the Plugins tab.
  3. Add New -> Upload Plugin. Upload the archive with the module.
  4. After successful installing, click Activate Plugin.
  5. On the Settings tab click N1ED. Type in the API key from Dashboard. Click Save configuration.

Screenshots step-by-step

Plugins tab screenshot Upload the module archive screenshot Activate Plugin screenshot N1ed settings screenshot

Now you are ready to use N1ED.