The configuration of N1ED is done entirely via the dashboard, so you don't need to edit anything in config files. When you enter the dashboard, you can see the list of your configurations. Every instance of N1ED is launched using the config which API key was specified during its initialization. That is, you can have a number of various configurations and choose any of them based on current needs (for example, for editing different types of content in various sections of the website).

Every configuration has a number of parameters.

API key is a key used to identify your configuration. Every time you specify another key on your website, the editor starts using the corresponding configuration. This means you can have multiple configurations within just one website.

Domains - a list of domains allowed to use this configuration. This allows preventing to execute your instance of N1ED on a third-party website.

Classic editor / Editor with Bootstrap support - enable or disable support for Bootstrap content.

The tabs below shows settings of the corresponding add-ons. Add-ons allow you to configure CKEditor toolbar, image uploader and so on.

Specify parameters and click Save, the configuration will be saved and all instances of N1ED placed on your pages and using this configuration will use the updated parameters on next loading.

Dashboard overviewDashboard. API key and domains lists
Dashboard Edit configuration screenshotEdit configuration page. Switch mode