What's new

v. 1.1 (Feb 05, 2019)

  • WordPress 5 support.
  • Font Awesome plugin added.
  • Symbols plugin added.
  • Added using covers above elements when working with dynamic ones in CKEditor (like iframes and videos).
  • All CMS modules support working on localhost in demo mode without an API key.
  • File & Images plugin was improved: new select file dialog supports drag'n'drop, specifying URLs and pasting images from clipboard.
  • New attachToButton API call for opening N1ED in full screen mode by clicking on a button.
  • Fixed problems with using attachToElement after detachFrom API call when using <textarea> and <input> element as a source.
  • Preview feature on our demo.
  • No default domains (like localhost) for API keys, just attached ones.
  • Documentation was extended, especially API guide.
  • We now use ZenDesk for easy communications with our lovely customers.

v. 1.0 (Dec 18, 2018)

The first release of N1ED - new editor with Dashboard and Bootstrap 4 support.
It improves and extends JS+ Bootstrap Editor 2 features, integrates all other JS+ CKEditor add-ons and own CKEditor 4 build into one seamless product.