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Content editor - the heart of your website builder service, it is the thing people interact with most often during working with your SaaS website builder. That is the reason why people decide to work with some service or not, but this is your the main risk when they compare you with new modern website builder services entered to the market.

N1ED will be the magnet helping you to inspire and attract users to your service, but it will be also the tool significantly increasing the retention of your clients.

So consider upgrading your classic editor (CKEditor or TinyMCE) to new modern editor keeping the base editor as a core. CKEditor/TinyMCE are good, N1ED just will extend their features, so you will keep user experience for existing users.

We have a detailed N1ED installation manual making N1ED integration as easy as the installation of any classic editor.

How many licenses do I need?

Each website you publish content on requires a separate license of N1ED. We bill users:

  • by the number of domains and subdomains (websites) users finally publish content on.

we do NOT additionally bill:

  • development servers
  • full mirrors (like www.* or http/https)
  • domains of administration panel (does not matter you have one domain with a control panel for all the clients or personal domains).

So just check the number of your clients' websites you have and get an appropriate number of licenses. We sell them by the packages, so you probably will have some extra limit for growth after getting a license pack.

Discount rates

More websites = cheaper each license, so you can get N1ED extremely cheap if you have many websites.

Do you have very many websites or some special case? We are ready to discuss it and check which win-win offer we can do especially for you.

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