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How to change toolbar skin in CKEditor?

Åshild A. photo
Åshild A. asked

I wish to switch from default moono-lisa theme to skin you use in your demo. How can I get it?

Dmitriy Komarov photo
Dmitriy Komarov answered

This skin is named N1Theme (machine name is: n1theme) and it can be used with N1ED or independently. It is published and available to download on CKEditor website: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/n1theme. You can enable it in the same way you use for any other CKEditor skin: download and unpack it into ckeditor/skins directory and add this parameter to your config.js:

config.skin = "n1theme";

If you integrate N1ED using the snippet linked to CDN, this skin is loaded automatically.

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