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Switching to Bootstrap Editor mode when going to full screen Solved

I use N1ED together with Bootstrap Editor. I want to go into content editing mode immediately when I switch into full screen mode. But when I press "Edit" button and go into full screen, Bootstrap Editor shows me a structure to build. How to change this behaviour?

Xavier F. photo
Xavier F. asked 12 days ago
Editor configuration for different roles in Drupal 8 Solved

How to set different configurations for different user roles in Drupal 8?

I need to setup very simple editor for anonymous users (without N1ED or Bootstrap Editor at all) and full featured WYSIWYG editor for administrators.

Nicholas O. photo
Nicholas O. asked 7 days ago
How to remove gaps between Bootstrap columns? Solved

I need to have no padding between two 6/12 columns. How to set them to use full width of the row?

Robert M. photo
Robert M. asked 11 days ago
Setting icon for custom template Solved

I defined my own template and want to set beautiful icon. What is requirement for my image to look like icons of basic widgets?

Aaron I. photo
Aaron I. asked 12 days ago
How to set background outside of Bootstrap container? Solved

I can set properties of Bootstrap container but wish to set background color outside it (on the left and on the right of it). Is this possible?

Theodore J. photo
Theodore J. asked 15 days ago
Using N1ED to edit both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 Solved

Our web studio builds websites to our clients. We use Bootstrap 3 on old websites we developed and use Bootstrap 4 for the new websites. Can we use your product in this case on all the clients' websites?

Viktor P. photo
Viktor P. asked 16 days ago
How many licenses do I need? Solved

How many licenses do I need if use N1ED and Bootstrap Editor on 3 websites located on one physical server?

Olivia M. photo
Olivia M. asked 17 days ago
Integrating N1ED to my own PHP CMS with TinyMCE Solved

We have our own custom CMS based on PHP (Symphony) with TinyMCE editor. Will N1ED work with it and how difficult is it to integrate N1ED there?

Väinö R. photo
Väinö R. asked 18 days ago
I need columns to have full width on mobiles Solved

I need to have two (or three) columns on my web page, but when user views it from mobile phone it must fill full width. How to do this?

Franciszek G. photo
Franciszek G. asked 20 days ago
Image previews with custom script Solved

When I upload image and insert it as a preview N1ED adds attribute rel="lightbox" to support beautiful opening of a preview in full screen mode. But I do not use LightBox, I use my own script and I need to set attribute data-img="preview".

Kate B. photo
Kate B. asked 24 days ago
Top blocks of my content are rows, not containers Solved

Will Bootstrap Editor correctly work with my content where top wrapping element is container, which means that I need to add rows (not containers) inside it?

Hal G. photo
Hal G. asked 25 days ago
Will Bootstrap Editor support my non-Bootstrap content? Solved

I have Bootstrap website where contents were built without Bootstrap grid and widgets.

We want to install Bootstrap Editor and use it to create new and edit existing content. How will it support existing contents if it is not wraped with contaner, row and col-* elements?

Fred B. photo
Fred B. asked 26 days ago
Can I use file manager when store files on separate server? Solved

I have two servers: website itself and the storage server where all my images are placed. It has domain prefix like img.mydomain.com. How can I configure Flmngr file manager in this case?

Alexander O. photo
Alexander O. asked 26 days ago
Can I use N1ED without Bootstrap? Solved

I use a website built with Drupal 8 with not a Bootstrap theme. Can I use N1ED?

Dylan K. photo
Dylan K. asked 27 days ago
How to configure file manager to use my own storage? Solved

I've installed N1ED and want to configure it to use my existing files and images: to let select them and upload new images in the same directory.

David H. photo
David H. asked 28 days ago
Compatibility with admin theme Solved

My control panel is built using iframe and elements with custom z-index. How can I configure N1ED in this case?

Oskar H. photo
Oskar H. asked 30 days ago
Will N1ED installing cause any need to reconfigure my webserver? Solved

I want to try N1ED but do not have time to reconfigure my server. How much time it will take? I use TinyMCE 5.

Rita S. photo
Rita S. asked 31 days ago
Will N1ED extend my CKEditor in Drupal 8 or replace it? Solved

I want to install N1ED into my D8. Will it extend the current CKEditor or replace it with its own build? I worry because I use 3rd party add-ons.

Alex J. photo
Alex J. asked 31 days ago
Will it work with my own CMS? Solved

Our web studio makes a website for our clients and we use our own CMS. Can I include it as a default editor in it? We have about 300 websites.

Ruben Z. photo
Ruben Z. asked 32 days ago
Use in inline mode Solved

How to use N1ED without opening full screen? I want to have an inline editing document in my editor.

Sophia A. photo
Sophia A. asked 32 days ago
Where is located config file of CKEditor? Solved

Where to find CKEditor config in order to edit it?

Matthew K. photo
Matthew K. asked 33 days ago