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How to fix incorrect preview for WEBP in Flmngr?

Damien B. photo
Damien B. asked

I do not see previews for WEBP files in Flmngr window. Or file manager generates incorrect previews for them.

Olga Tarkova photo
Olga Tarkova answered

Flmngr uses php-gd library to process images. Despite this library claims support of WEBP for a long time, it is buggy until v. 2.2.4.

Please update this library on your server and check its version by viewing phpinfo() function output.

Pitfalls: be sure you updated the version of the library, not just a package of your OS. Sometimes it may require updating PHP version or OS version (in case of old Linux distributions) or manual copying a binary of the library from a server with a newer version.

More info: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59621626/converting-webp-to-jpeg-in-with-php-gd-library

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