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Integrating N1ED to my own PHP CMS with TinyMCE

Väinö R. photo
Väinö R. asked

We have our own custom CMS based on PHP (Symphony) with TinyMCE editor. Will N1ED work with it and how difficult is it to integrate N1ED there?

Dmitriy Komarov photo
Dmitriy Komarov answered

It is very easy. Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Install N1ED add-on into your TinyMCE. As usual.
  2. Install file manager backend. As far PHP is one of supported backends, it will be pretty easy (copy files and add URL route to its entrypoint PHP file).

Actually that's all. It will work for any CMS or framework with backend form the list of backends supported by N1ED.

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