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Image previews with custom script

Kate B. photo
Kate B. asked

When I upload image and insert it as a preview N1ED adds attribute rel="lightbox" to support beautiful opening of a preview in full screen mode. But I do not use LightBox, I use my own script and I need to set attribute data-img="preview".

Dmitriy Komarov photo
Dmitriy Komarov answered

By default Image Preview widget is added with adding rel="lightbox" to let it work with LightBox, ShadowBox and other scripts compatible with each other.

If you want to use your own script, please modify template of your widget:

widgets.ImagePreview.templateLink = {
    classes: [],
    styles: {
        "background-color": "white",
        "margin": "3px",
        "outline": "none"
    attributes: {
        "rel": "lightbox",
        "data-img": "preview"

This configuration extends default widget parameters.

Of course you can remove rel attribute if you do not need it anymore.

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