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How to configure file manager to use my own storage?

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David H. asked

I've installed N1ED and want to configure it to use my existing files and images: to let select them and upload new images in the same directory.

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Dmitriy Komarov answered

File manager component on N1ED supports deep tuning of way to upload and store images. By default it stores files in its own directory, but of course you can use your existing storage directory.

For example you:

  • store files on server in directory /var/www/files/
  • upload new files by default to /var/www/files/uploads/
  • access images from the web by URLs starting with https://myserver.com/files/

Configure N1ED in TinyMCE/CKEditor config using these parameters:

urlFiles: '/files/', // you can also set full URL like: 'https://myserver/files/'
dirUploads: 'uploads/', // relative to dirFiles (see below)

Then on the server side find Flmngr file manager configuration and set server directories:

'dirFiles' => '/var/www/files',
'dirTmp'   => '/tmp/flmngr-tmp',  // can be in any place
'dirCache' => '/tmp/flmngr-cache' // can be in any place

Reload the page with N1ED in your browser and use enjoy.

See more details in the documentation.

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