Partner program

Start earning money with N1ED

Are you a studio, freelancer or information website related to web technologies, CMSs or something like that?

Involve your customers or visitors into using Free N1ED and get paid when they get some premium plan. The offer is related both to single and recurrent payments.

It's easy to inspire your users to get N1ED with a Free plan because it has rich feature list and already used by many users all over the world. We also have good statistics about conversion from free to paid users.

So you can get some extra profits aside to your own business by just promoting a free version of N1ED on your website.

Commissions and conditions

Plan Commission (%)
Premium 15%
Studio 10%
Website Builder 7%

Users' payments are yearly and you will receive the same commission for recurring payments until user cancels the paid plan.

All the payments will be sent into your account monthly and you will be able to withdraw them monthly with no limits (no minimum sum to withdraw).

The partner program is provided by PayPro company - our old partner who manages all our payments for N1ED.

3 steps to be a partner and get paid

  1. Register as a N1ED affiliate in PayPro Global Affiliate System.
  2. Then:
    • Place text ad or banner on your website
    • or Write and publish contextual promo / native ads
    • or Create an N1ED review, feedback or successful usecase and share it
    • or Even interact with your client closely and honestly list them the benefits of using a powerful editor.
  3. Get monthly payouts according to your affiliation agreement.

What are the benefits?

  • Easy implementation of the system (just add the referral ID).
  • Order processing and customer support are handled for you.
  • Monitor and analyze your referral sales in reports.
  • Receive scheduled payouts by any suitable method.

Become a partner