CMS and module developers

Promote great editor in your CMS

Are you a developer of your own CMS or make CKEditor/TinyMCE-based modules for 3rd party CMSs?

This is a great opportunity to power up this CMS with N1ED and get paid for it.

You just offer to install N1ED module for your users and provide appropriate integration for it and we automatically track users who came from you and paid for the product - you will receive a commission for this.

Purchase Commission (%)
Any first buy of the product 10%
Any subscription payment 10%

Technical side

N1ED can be the default editor in your CMS on an optional editor available to paid users. Or you can develop tools in your CMS module providing N1ED as a feature. Also, you decide how to promote N1ED to them:

  • Bumping the module in CMS store
  • E-mail marketing
  • or we can provide you TinyMCE/CKEditor plugin which will softly ask users about additional plugins installation
  • ...or something else

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have another idea and we can discuss it. We will also fully consult you on a way how to integrate N1ED into your CMS.

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