Create text with AI co-writer

Txt42 (formerly known as TextareaAI) is embedded in N1ED an innovative tool powered by GPT technology, specifically designed to significantly enhance and expedite the process of writing text.

How it works

With Txt42, you can effortlessly start co-writing from the header or seamlessly continue existing text. Simply select a phrase that closely matches the topic of your new text or place the caret where you wish to continue, then press the Ctrl+Enter key combination or utilize the convenient new toolbar buttons. Txt42 will promptly generate relevant text for you. If you desire more or less generated content, you can easily manage it using the intuitive Less/More buttons.

When it comes to working with lists, Txt42 streamlines the process by automatically formatting them for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

To witness the remarkable capabilities of Txt42 in action, please take a moment to watch the video above.