Overview of N1ED module for Drupal


N1ED comes as Drupal module (Drupal 8, 9, and 10) that can be installed using Wizard. Alternatively can read installation manual.

Install Drupal module
Install Drupal module
Enable Drupal module
Enable Drupal module

First look

Well, N1ED is installed, let's check what changed on your Drupal website.

The main thing is N1ED now attached its widgets, Bootstrap layout editor, file manager, and image editor to your CKEditor. Bootstrap blocks building tools are also available. Now when you open some article for edit, you can see your CKEditor is significantly boosted. This happens when you edit content with the Full HTML format N1ED is linked to. So it will not affect comment forms that are edited using Basic HTML or Plain text formats.

Edit article in Drupal with N1ED
N1ED attached to CKEditor in Drupal
Edit content with Bootstrap builder
Content created with Bootstrap Editor

The second is N1ED improves all your image fields by being included in the bundle Flmngr file manager. When you need to attach some image to the article by specialized field, you can browse your server with the file manager and select an existing image or upload a new one.

Add new file field
Add new file field with uploaded file
Browsing files
File manager window


N1ED has fully visual configuration. You can call its configuration dialog from N1ED itself, press the configuration button conf icon

Here you can customize the UI of N1ED as from Dashboard but for the current API key you use only.

Plugins list
Plugins list
Toolbar configuration
Toolbar configuration
Bootstrap Editor settings
Bootstrap Editor configuration

You can also configure your N1ED integration to Drupal in Administration -> Text formats and editors. Click on some text format and inside you will see options to enable/disable N1ED for it.

Text format on the top of this list will load by default you user who has access to it, so you probably want to attach N1ED to the first text format in the list.

Configure text formats
Edit "Full Html" text format
Change API key
Change API key


Now when you have installed N1ED it is ready to work. We recommend you to read about how to work with blocks to build your content block by block.

Also here is an article describing compatibility with Paragraphs module of Drupal which also offers a way of building pages from blocks (N1ED supports it too).