Installing N1ED to Drupal 8

Any plugin from the N1ED ecosystem installs effortlessly if your CMS is Drupal 8. Moreover, along with the plugin itself you receive a full-featured toolset and a way to configure these instruments from the Drupal administration panel. N1ED and other add-ons are designed to streamline user experience in Drupal 8 and retain operating principles this CMS users are accustomed to.

In Drupal 8, there is a Drupal module that corresponds to each CKEditor plugin. This module docks the plugin to Drupal. You can read more about this mechanism in the CKEditor modules in Drupal 8 article. To install the plugin, you should install the module, copy the plugin and add it to CKEditor. The entire procedure is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Download and install N1ED

Download free Drupal 8 module now



  1. 1. Install module Open your Drupal 8 control panel and go inside "Extend" section. Press "Install new module" and choose downloaded files. Do not forget to enable them after installation.

    Install Drupal 8 module
  2. 2. Optionally configure it. N1ED is fully integrated into Drupal 8 text formats feature and offers you individual configuring each of them.

    Edit text formats Configure Drupal 8 module
  3. 3. Edit articles with N1ED. Now you can edit your articles with power of N1ED. Go to "Content" choose article and edit it as before but with power of N1ED.

    Running Drupal 8 module