N1ED for Joomla installation

N1ED is the ultimate solution for content editing in Joomla 3. N1ED is CKEditor, fully revamped and powered by add-ons with a special Dashboard for easy configuration. Now, installing the editor, plugins and Joomla integration are all one-click actions as long as N1ED is installed to your CMS. Embedding images, videos and editing Bootstrap 4 responsive structure is easier than ever too.

Download and install N1ED

Download Joomla extension now



  1. Download extension for Joomla 3 from your control panel on
  2. Open the Extensions tab -> Manage -> Install.
  3. Upload package file. Upload the archive with the module.
  4. After successful installing, click Extensions -> Plugins.
  5. Find N1ED. Click Edit.
  6. Type in the API key from Dashboard. Click Save & Close.

Screenshots step-by-step

Upload the module archive screenshot Installation screenshot