Install NodeJS file manager for TinyMCE

Server side of Flmngr file manager for Node.js is a package ready to use in Express bases apps.

This package provides Node backend support for Flmngr as TypeScript/JavaScript library.

With npm installed, run:

$ npm install @edsdk/flmngr-server

Yarn users can run:

$ yarn add @edsdk/flmngr-server

Map some URL of your Express app

Bind the required URL in your application in this way:

import express from 'express';
import bindFlmngr from '@edsdk/flmngr-server';

const app = express();

    app: app,              // your Express application
    url: '/flmngr',        // URL to handle (this will be "File Manager URL for dashboard)
    dir: '/var/www/files', // where files are stored into (this path converted to URL will be "Files URL" for dashboard)
    config: {}             // optional config

If you want to allow access to uploaded files (usually you do) then write something like: