If the content is king, then the content editor is the heart of it and hence is vital to your CMS. The goal of N1ED is to ultimately simplify your everyday work with the editor by both making installing simpler and content editing faster and more convenient. With CKEditor hosting by N1ED you can easily install the editor to your site and power it up with a number of add-ons to solve typical tasks like uploading images, embedding videos and so on.

Not only the editor is WYSIWYG now, but its settings too. Online dashboard offers easy configuring of all CKEditor options and settings of its add-ons. Everything that you used to configure in config.js is now available in the control panel on your website. You can create multiple configurations by visually specifying all necessary parameters as well adjusting the toolbar and overall behavior. Initial configuration for your needs is exceptionally easy. And for specific cases there is thorough documentation.

The killer feature of our solution is editing of responsive content. If your website is designed based on Bootstrap 4, you can use just one option to instantly turn your CKEditor to a visual constructor of responsive pages. You can manipulate containers, rows and columns, fine-tune them and use special editors for various content types (Header, YouTube video, etc.). As the result, you get valid content that is both good on desktops and on mobile screens. Plus, your employee who is responsible for adding content does not possess deep knowledge of Bootstrap - editing is completely visual.

N1ED is ready to integrate with popular CMS (it's got modules for Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla) and fits any custom framework - starting from Ruby on Rails or Django to an in-house self-written PHP solution.

Dashboard Edit configuration screenshotEdit configuration page. Switch mode
N1ed screenshotN1ED with Bootstrap 4 support