Configuring Translator

The Translator add-on allows you translating your content to foreign languages.

The default config is:

Translator: {
  langFrom: "en",
  langTo: "de",

  provider: "yandex",
  yandexAPIKey:  "",
  googleAPIKey: "",

In the Translator.langFrom and Translator.langTo parameters set language codes you want to translate from and to (original and destination languages).

The Translator.provider parameter sets the translation service used. You can choose between: Google Translate (value: google) and Yandex Translate (value: yandex).

The Google service has no ways to use it for free, and Yandex has reasonable limits for free use that are enough in many cases.

Then, you need to specify your API key in the corresponding box: or Translator.googleAPIKey. You can get the API key for Google Translate in the Google Console, and for Yandex Translate - on the website of the project.

Toolbar buttons:

Translate button
Button name: Translator
Start translation. For instant translation use the CTRL+Enter hot key.
Translator configuration button
Translation settings
Button name: TranslatorConf
Select the original and the destination language.
Translator reverse button
Translation reverse
Button name: TranslatorReverse
Reverse the direction of translation.