Install File Manager for Java

To use File Manager for N1ED, you need to install the server part of Flmngr (used by N1ED, Flmngr and ImgPen TinyMCE/CKEditor add-ons). We offer this back-end as a Spring Boot application with standard installing, configuring and run.

So, after downloading the server-side part, do the following:

  1. Download Java version of Flmngr.
  2. Copy flmngr.jar to the folder where it should stay.
  3. Configure the port that will service the application, and also set path to folders of file manager. You can do this in the file.
  4. Run the flmngr.jar file. On Linux simply type ./flmngr.jar, and on Windows - java -jar flmngr.jar. Linux users can also create symbolic links in init-direсtories to that jar-file, and it will work similarly to Unix daemons providing support for start, stop and restart commands.
    Then, set a proxy for File Manager using Nginx if necessary or using it directly. Do not forget to configure N1ED settings that correspond to File Manager URLs.
See more manuals: