Install NodeJS file manager for TinyMCE 5 and 4

CKEditor and TinyMCE add-ons require server-side to be installed to upload and/or manage files and images.

The server-side of Flmngr file manager for Node.js is a package ready to use:

  • in Express bases apps

  • as standalone microservice

    This package provides Node backend support for Flmngr as TypeScript/JavaScript library.

Install the package

With npm installed, run:

$ npm install @edsdk/flmngr-server

Yarn users can run:

$ yarn add @edsdk/flmngr-server


Using inside your own Express server

Bind the required URL in your application in this way:

import express from 'express';
import bindFlmngr from '@edsdk/flmngr-server';

const app = express();

    app: app,              // your Express application
    url: '/flmngr',        // URL to handle
    dir: '/var/www/files', // where files are stored into
    config: {}             // optional config

If you want to allow access to uploaded files (usually you do) then write something like:


Please also see example of usage Flmngr for browsing and uploading files.

Running as microservice instance

If you do not have your own Express server, you can run Flmngr as microservice. This means it will create a new Express instance, do all required bindings and start to listen to incoming requests.

    host: 'localhost',
    port: 8080,
    url: '/flmngr',
    dirFiles: './www/files',
    dirRoot: './www'

The code above will:

  • Listen http://localhost:8080/flmngr respond to the frontend of Flmngr with the requested info. It will also use URL http://localhost:8080/flmngr/uploader for handling file uploads.
  • Save uploaded files to ./www/files directory
  • Serve ./www directory as public in order to allow accessing uploaded files by their URLs.

If you do not wish to share all files you can set dirRoot: null. This can be useful if this server has only Flmngr installed but all files really are mounted from another server and those server's URL will be used for generating file URLs too.

See a sample of usage of Flmngr microservice together with Flmngr file manager.