Bootstrap Blocks

You will love editing content with Bootstrap blocks which come as a primary part of Bootstrap Editor add-on. It has both own block presets library for one-click insertion and tools for creating custom blocks.

There is a gallery of blocks available for instant insertion. Actually this is a list of blocks you can manually create with other tools of Bootstrap Editor. Pre-created for your comfort.

Bootstrap block templates list
Templates Bootstrap block gallery

Create a custom block

You can start from the gallery or use some block constructor. These constructors (Grid, Features, Text…) allow you to create some typical configurable blocks and fill them with widget placeholders and lorem ipsum content as you wish. Then you can edit this block in your editor with standard tools or even change its structure with Grid mode of the Bootstrap Editor. This is very flexible: neither blocks gallery nor block constructors impose obligations on how to edit blocks.

Choose pre-created bootrap block
Changed Bootstrap block preset

Save and reuse a custom block

Does not matter how you inserted the block into your content and how you edited it, you can always press the button "Save as template" above the block and it will be added into your own library of the blocks. Once added to the library this block (and any block created by this template) will change the button title to "Update template" which means you can easily resave the block after you edit it (imeediately, after a day, week or year). Killer feature: screenshots for your blocks are created automatically by Bootstrap Editor. Both on the creation and on block update.

Save Bootstrap block as template
Bootstrap template generated preview

Manage blocks

Blocks can be added to different custom categories. By default this is "Custom" category and you can rename it and create new ones. Press "Edit" button at the bottom of the blocks and manage blocks right from the editor. The same action is also available from your Dashboard.

Edit Bootstrap block categories
Move Bootstrap block to category

Export blocks

Each Bootstrap blocks can be shared between your different websites. You probably use different API keys for them to provide them some isolation and having own list of the blocks, but when you need to copy some block from one of your website to another, you go into Dashboard and make export of the block from one API key (representing one configuration) to other (target configuration). As far as this action affects different websites, this action is available for you only after you log into Dashboard to approve administrator permissions.

Export or edit Bootstrap block in dashboard
Export Bootstrap block to oter API key dialog