Simulate mobile devices

Nowadays most part of users gets access to your website using mobile devices. So this is critically important to adopt the content of your website for various display resolutions form mobile phones and tables till laptops.

To provide such features N1ED adds a ruler above your contents (right under toolbar). You can press any of area of this ruler and shrink the maximum width of the content area to see how content looks like on this horizontal resolution.

This is not just a preview: all the styles of your website theme will be kept and you will be able to edit the content using this any of preview resolutions.

Bootstrap support

When you use N1ED together with Boostrap Editor, N1ED will support mobile widths predefined in Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4 (according to which framework do you use). In the terminology of Bootstrap these widths are called breakpoints.

So N1ED ruler will be updated with new presets, for example for Bootstrap 4: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL. Use them to show how your blocks are displayed for each type of users. Then you can tune all your columns and rows for each breakpoint from the sidebar editor: click on the container, row or column to check preferences currently active for the selected item.