Font Awesome widget

Font Awesome itself requires personal license for using on your website.

Image widget logoPlace one of Font Awesome icons in your content and select style, size color and more.

Images are inserted directly to the content so the website does not need to include the entire Font Awesome set: this reduces complexity and speeds up loading of the page (because unused icons from the set are not loaded).

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When you insert an icon from the Font Awesome pack, you can define its template in the template box. However, the color of the icon is set in the defaultColor parameter, not in the template. This is because it is applied to the embedded widget, not the nested <svg> tag.

Default settings:

widgets: {
    FontAwesome: {
        defaultColor: "#000000",
        template: {
            classes: [
            styles: {
                "width": "1.33em",
                "height": "1.33em"
            attributes: {}