N1ED add-on

N1ED redefines everything you knew about WYSIWYG content editors. Truly supercharged with features, widgets and powerful functions, N1ED makes editing of complex responsive content filled with tables, images, and videos a much easier task. Designed for seamless integration with TinyMCE 4 and TinyMCE 5, CKEditor 4, Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4, and all major content management systems, N1ED looks native and customary everywhere.

Install in 5 minutes. Configure in 3 minutes. Use for years!

How N1ED Augments your WYSIWYG Content Editor

Makes work with complex content a breeze

Contemporary content involves tables, embedded images and videos, and is required to display correctly on the wide diversity of devices, screens and resolutions. With N1ED you can easily upload files and images, manage and edit them with the File Manager and Image Editor plugins. And the real-time preview allows you to see how your responsive content looks on different devices.

Streamlines editing with handy widgets

Few click to embed an image or to find and insert a YouTube video to the page. Tables, links, buttons and badges are right here, at your fingertips, with corresponding styles and attributes already applied. Instead of editing raw HTML code, use N1ED widgets to streamline routine editing and focus on what’s really important.

Edit image screenshot Edit YouTube video  screenshot

Looks native in any website design

With N1ED your CKEditor or TinyMCE automatically inherits the theme of your website, including styles and typography. Moreover, the preview allows you to preview your content from a user’s point of view, exactly as he or she sees it, without even interrupting editing.

100% CMS-friendly

Install N1ED to Drupal 8, Drupal 7, Worpress, or Joomla 3 website within minutes. You don’t need any tinkering with config files or to manually adjust anything. N1ED also works on any custom CMS or website.


Simple installation

It takes roughly 5 minutes to install N1ED to an already working CMS website. N1ED automatically connects to the existing configuration and is used as a default editor, so you can start using it immediately after install.

Supports Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4

Create a brand new content or editing the existing one with the entire spectrum of responsive content editing tools available in Bootstrap Editor, an N1ED add-on. The editor is so powerful that it even fixes Bootstrap 4 markup errors and adds responsiveness to any content you already have.

Edit column screenshot Container edit background screenshot

Dozens of widgets

Widgets help users edit responsive content completely without HTML coding. Editing conventional tables or Bootstrap grid, inserting images or gallery previews, changing styles or illustrating content with Font Awesome icons is 100% visual.

Custom templates

N1ED supports any custom templates and thus looks exactly as you want it to accurately matching your website theme. Plus, you can share custom templates with your team for effortless and highly productive collaboration.

Create custom template Adding template

Convenient editing

Choose between the enhanced fullscreen mode for easier editing of complex content, or the classic mode in a click. The WYSIWYG preview shows responsive content as your users see it. Semantic breadcrumbs allow for instant jumping to any given element of the page to modify it.

Upload and manage files

With the powerful File Manager add-on you can easily upload, preview, sort and manage files on your server. You can upload files, images and folders as ZIP files from your PC or from an external URL.

File Manager images screenshot File Manager uploader screenshot

Image Editor

Image Editor features tools to resize, crop, rotate or apply various filters to uploaded images or draw anything above the image. The edited images are saved under different names, so originals always stay intact. Integrates with File Manager for even more convenience.

Image Editor screenshot Image Editor transform tool screenshot

Backends for PHP, Node, Java

The server part of the N1ED client-side script is required for uploading and managing files on the server. Even without the Flmngr add-on you still can upload files and embed image galleries. Install the backend in 5 minutes to PHP, Java or Node.js.

Translate content to 90+ languages

The Translator add-on vridges the gap between your content and non-native visitors of the website. Select between Google and Yandex translation engines for quality automated translation upon a click of a button.

Translator selection screenshot Translator choose languages screenshot