Advanced integration N1ED with your custom CMS

Previous articles of the installation manual taught you how to install and use N1ED. This could be enough if you do not plan to clone your CMS on different servers or provide access to editing to tens, hundreds, thousands of users.

Which targets can you reach with more close integration:

  1. You can set N1ED API key visually, which is important when you want to install your CMS with N1ED on multiple servers or have many websites on one server.

  2. You can provide your content managers access to the cloud configuration of N1ED without exposing your master password. The CMS will save a unique token after one time password validation.

  3. You can include N1ED configuration widget on one of the administrative pages of your CMS. This will let you configure N1ED from a special place and also (optionally) you can disable the configuration feature called from N1ED editor directly.

We recommend to pass step by step all next articles to get the most complete and consistent result.