Link N1ED with file manager

Now it's time to tell TinyMCE 5 and 4 to use the file manager you installed on the server in your Dashboard.

Enable Flmngr in your configuration

Configuration editor in dashboard screenshot
Config editor is available from Dashboard

It is enabled by default, so you probably should just check it.

Set URLs

File Uploader settings screenshot
Configuring File Uploader

Find the plugin "File Uploader" (this is a representation of the backend of Flmngr) inside the configuration window and press "Configure". There are paths you are to configure there:

File Manager URL - Set the URL on which your Flmngr backend is linked to. This depends on how you installed your backend in the previous steps. N1ED will call this URL to ask your server about something (list files, upload a file, etc.). For PHP installation in probably should contain the full URL of flmngr.php file. Please use the absolute link (with protocol and domain) to avoid mistakes.

Files URL - Specify the prefix of URL where your files and images are available through the web. For example, if you have URL of some published image like, probably the correct Files URL will be This parameter depends on dirFiles parameter you specified on the server. The difference is server configuration explains where to store files on disc, and this client configuration explains how to access files from web.

(optional) Uploads directory - The directory which will store uploaded files without a parent directory specified (quick uploads). The path starts from the root of your files stored on the server. For example you store files in /var/www/images and want to store all quick uploads in /var/www/images/uploads, the correct value here will be /uploads/ (be sure this directory exists on the server). Keep the default / value to set root storage directory as default storage directory.