Block gallery

The Block gallery offers a number of predefined Bootstrap templates for quick start. Templates are created based on the most used landing page layouts and are adapted to various devices. Templates helps quickly creating a draft of the structure using typical HTML patterns: Headers, Content, Features used in website building.

To insert a block, select a category and pick the template you need.

Customize bootstrap presets for your own need
Inserting a template from the "Headers" category

With the library of ready-made templates (at the left), you can build a page like this:

Web page built with Bootstrap Editor
A simple structure of a web page built with Bootstrap Editor

This layout is shown exactly as a visitor of the web page sees it. It consists of 3 blocks: 1) the header with a brief intro, a button and a link, 2) some content with media and short description, 3) features block with 3 cards.

In Bootstrap Editor the layout looks as follows:

Create content in Bootstrap Editor
Create content in Bootstrap Editor

You can see that each block is isolated from all others and has its own control buttons. This means you can delete any one of them completely, and the general structure will not be affected. Buttons allow you to add as many new blocks as you want, change their order, duplicate them, edit content.

To edit the content of a block, move the cursor over the block and click the "Edit" button. Replace placeholders with your own content: this can be a simple text, an image, video or any other widget. To add a widget, use the corresponding button on the toolbar.

You can completely revamp the inserted block and create your own Custom template based on it to reuse it in the future. To do this, click the "Save as template" button.