Flmngr file manager

File Manager add-on logo Flmngr File Manager is a must-have add-on for TinyMCE, CKEditor and N1ED if you create content that’s heavy on images and embedded files. Making things a lot simpler, it turns uploading, sorting and managing files to much more efficient processes. Hence, allowing you to focus on creating content rather than on shipping files to it.

File Manager works as a combination of the Flmngr add-on and the server part installed to PHP, Node.js, Java or ASP.NET environment, either coupled with N1ED editor or individually.

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Why File Manager is a must for content-editing?

Safe uploading

One file or hundreds – File Manager remains safe and sound providing transparent uploading process that is backed up by the special folder created just for that. That is, if uploading fails for some reason, no published files on the server are damaged.

Effortless structuring

When working with image-heavy websites, structuring is a good way to ensure that every page displays proper images and those images are the most up-to-date. With File Manager you can organize your uploads into folders, and even download entire folders as ZIP files.

File Manager uploader screenshot

Simple browsing

File Manager offers the familiar two-panel browsing design with all the customary features: multi-selection, copying, moving, list view or thumbnail view. Find the files you need instantly thanks to quick search and preview images.

File Manager images screenshot File Manager files screenshot

Seamless integration

With or without N1ED installed, File Manager seamlessly blends with CKEditor or TinyMCE, so whenever you click Browse it pops up and offers an easy way to add non-text content to the edited page.

File Manager button screenshot

A number of toolbar buttons speed up embedding and uploading images:

Embed image icon icon
Embed image
Button name: EmbedImage
Insert a picture with specified image without uploading it to the server. It will be embedded in contents using Data URI Scheme.
Fast upload image icon
Fast upload image
Button name: FastUploadImage
Uploads images from your computer, external website by URL or from your clipboard and inserts image elements into a document.
Fast upload image preview icon
Fast upload image preview
Button name: FastUploadPreview
Uploads images and inserts mini previews of them linked to original files. You can attach any preview script like Lightbox to your website and they will become interactive.
Fast upload file icon
Fast upload file
Button name: FastUploadFile
Uploads files from your computer, external website by URL or from your clipboard and inserts link elements to uploaded files into a document.
Upload image icon
Upload image
Button name: UploadImage
The same as fast image uploading but with UI for configuring image size, file names and other options.
Upload image preview icon
Upload image preview
Button name: UploadPreview
The same as fast image preview uploading but with UI for configuring image size, file names and other options.
Upload file icon
Upload file
Button name: UploadFile
The same as fast image uploading but with UI for configuring image size, file names and other options.
Upload image gallery icon
Upload image gallery
Button name: UploadGallery
Uploads specified files to your website and inserts them as grouped and themed gallery of previews linked to original images.

Learn more in configuration article.

File Manager features

Upload multiple files at once

You can upload dozens of images or documents from your local computer, provide multiple URLs to upload images from, or paste many files from the local clipboard.

Display files as a list or as thumbnails

Switch between list view and thumbnail view. The latter is especially handy when you have to deal with lots of images.

Quick search

Start typing the name of the file and File Manager will instantly narrow the contents of the folder to matching file names.

Fullscreen preview of images

Why squint into tiny thumbnails, when you can open a fullscreen preview with a click?

Hotkeys support

Every action in File Manager has an associated hotkey, so controlling its functions can be even faster with the keyboard only.

Access control

Decide what authors have access to what features of File Manager and set permissions accordingly.

Edit images

With the Image Editor add-on installed, edit uploaded images directly from File Manager or from the editor.

Download files and folders as ZIP archives

Download the entire library or just certain folder and files as a ZIP archive retaining the entire folder structure of the image library.

Backend supports PHP, Node, Java, ASP.NET

To upload files and embed image galleries you should install the server part. The installation takes just a few minutes.