Extend your editor with plugins and visually configure them

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N1ED is the single entry for all plugins for CKEditor and TinyMCE you will enable. Enabling and disabling new plugins since this time you will do by clicking on UI checkboxes in the dialog.

Config Editor screenshot
Config Editor
Bootstrap Editor settings screenshot
Bootstrap Editor settings


Easily edit and manage separated configurations addressed by API keys. Each API key of N1ED is linked to its own configuration including custom Bootstrap blocks you can create content from.

Set toolbar visually
Set toolbar visually
Image Editor settings
Image Editor settings

Theme support

N1ED supports your website theme to provide full WYSIWYG mode and show all the widgets and typography right as on your website via applying your CSS files to the editable area.

Include your CSS and JS


Override programmatically any parameters configured visually. You can dynamically inject your parameters for different users or websites hosted on one server using N1ED API.

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