File manager and image editor to manage all your media

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File manager

Manage existing file storage with our full features Flmngr file manager. It will serve any files you already have and provide you tools for your media: from uploader to image editor.

File Manager - images screenshot
File Manager: images
File Manager - files screenshot
File Manager: files

Resize & optimize

Flmngr file manager will automatically create optimized previews for all image widgets you have inside TinyMCE or CKEditor. You can insert the Preview widget (a-la LightBox interactive image preview) or use the responsive Image widget transparently.

Resizing image screenshot
Resizing image

Server side support

You store all the files on your server, not in the cloud, and control all the media content you have. Flmngr file manager will just install in any environment you have: it supports PHP, NodeJS, .NET, and Java server-side stacks for now.

Uploading options screenshot
Uploading options

Image editor

Image editor to cropping, resizing images, place a text, drawing on them, etc. This is ImgPen - one more plugin in N1ED add-ons ecosystem. Seamlessly integrated with both CKEditor/TinyMCE and with N1ED and Flmngr.

Image Editor toolbar screenshot
Image editor toolset
Crop tool screenshot
Crop tool
Tools to add text, color picker and font family screenshot
Tools to add text, color picker, and font family

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